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asked May 12th 2021

Which is better Buttercream or Ganache?

Hi, I am making the Baby Unicorn cake for a 1st birthday, I was going to make a rainbow layer cake, but have only every used ganache under fondant which isnt going to work with a rainbow cake. Im nervous about using butter cream, does anyone have a foolproof recipe and/or any advice? Or am I better just sticking to a chocolate cake with ganache? Thanks


Hi Ruthmakescakes

How about buttercream filling and white chocolate ganache for covering if you don't feel happy with dark ganache?

In the Cakesflix tutorial library, Paul has buttercream recipes in his using buttercream tutorials, one which includes a little ganache. There are several other buttercream recipes to view if you wish to cover your cake with this medium. To see the recipes, please search buttercream in the baking category.

For Unicorn cake tutorials which you may find useful, please search in the cake category for unicorns.

Please post back if you require more information.


Thanks so much.