Simple and Cute Speckled Easter Cake Cake | Step-by-Step Guide

by Janette MacPherson Cake Craft

Photography by Scott-Ireland Photography

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The very talented Janette, from Janette MacPherson Cake Craft, was in our studio little over a month ago, filming two exciting tutorials for our members. Janette is an exceptional cake decorator who has created two unique designs for our tutorials that I know our members will love putting into practice! Nevertheless, we don’t want to leave our free members out, so we have this adorable FREE step-by-step Speckled Easter Cake Guide for everyone to enjoy! This cake would be perfect for your family gathering this Easter weekend, or can be adapted to suit a different celebration.

Janette’s first tutorial will be launched this evening! Watch out for more updates on our facebook page!

To see more of Janette’s cakes, check out her Facebook

Speckled Easter Cake – A Simple Technique!

I was recently asked to make a cake for a punk rock fan. Not my usual style I have to admit, so I had to really think how to bring the design together. I researched the particular favoured band and found some inspiring artwork which I thought would be a perfect base to set off the 3D guitar topper I had made. So I hand painted the design, white paint on a black cake, and I was happy with how it was looking but felt it was missing that punk rock anarchic touch.

And then it came to me. That ever so technical technique. You know, the one we all learnt age 3 when we got hold of our Mum’s toothbrush and flicked paint off it onto every surface imaginable and if we were lucky, some might actually make it onto our picture. The splatter technique. Anarchic. And perfect.

So in case any of you have forgotten this ever so technical technique from our youth, here it is again in gorgeous pictorial format. And as you might not all have the need for a punk rock version, thankfully it also makes a really pretty speckled Easter cake too…



  • 1 layer cake, flavour of your choosing
  • Filling, again of your choosing
  • Knife for levelling
  • Small palette knife
  • Cake smoother
  • Blue-green fondant icing
  • Cocoa powder
  • Clear alcohol/vanilla or lemon extract
  • Stiff bristled brush (new, or clean and only used for cake purposes)
  • Speckled eggs in pink and yellow (I made mine from fondant)


Step 1: Level, fill, layer and crumb coat your cake as normal.

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Step 2: Cover your cake with blue-green icing/fondant/sugarpaste.

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Step 3. Mix a little cocoa powder with clear alcohol/vanilla or lemon extract to make a thin brown paint.


 Step 4: Dip your brush into the brown paint, aim the brush towards your cake and using your thumb, flick the bristles of the brush


Step 5: Move around the cake, taking care not to over splatter! Just a light covering is required.

005-280x186 (1)

Step 6: Once the speckles have dried, add a small collection of speckled eggs onto your cake. Glue them in place with sugar glue or royal icing


Step 7. Step back and admire your handiwork!









There are lots of different ways to make your speckled eggs; shaped from fondant, modelling chocolate, coloured candy melts poured into a mould, or dare I say it – even shop bought speckled eggs.

However, if you’d prefer a cute little Spring lamb for the top of your cake, then pop over to my Facebook page where you will find a free tutorial!

Happy Easter everyone!

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