How to become a cake tutor with Paul Bradford Training

Sharing your cake decorating skills with others is one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do! Having literally made thousands of cakes through his shops, Paul decided to move from cake production to teaching in 2007 and has never looked back since.

Initially, the intention was to teach during the quieter winter months when there were fewer cake orders in order to balance cash flow. As cake decorating is very seasonal (with a surplus of orders and lack of time in the summer and the reverse happening in the winter months.) running a few courses certainly helped financially.

Although initially very nervous, Paul soon found his feet as a teacher and started to put on more and more courses as his confidence and profitability both began to grow in equal measure. But most of all, he thoroughly enjoyed teaching cake decorating thanks to the huge amount of job satisfaction you get from seeing his students reactions. This was the catalyst which inspired him to push himself further and further.

Paul then put himself forward to demonstrate at British Sugarcraft School events and at Cake International in the demonstration theatres. Although initially very nervous he soon got into the swing of things and once his fear had been conquered he grew in confidence and his demonstrations became more and more entertaining. Whether teaching a class or putting on a demonstration, he firmly believes that putting on an entertaining showpiece is as, if not more, important as the skills and techniques being taught.

Paul has now taught throughout the world including UK, USA, Australia, India, Dubai, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Monaco. He is now a regular on the main stage at Cake International and has also been on the main stage at major shows in the USA and Australia, not bad for the shy lad from Linlithgow!

Due to his busy schedule Paul isn’t able to take up all the offers of work that head his way and due to the many requests for people asking for advice on how he got to where he is today, Paul decided that they should run the Train the Trainer course. The key objective for the course is to empower cake decorators to become cake decorating tutors.

Paul and David run the course bringing together all Paul’s teaching skills and techniques into play and David adds the business and marketing elements to offer the complete package.

The first Train the Trainer course was run in November 2018 and it was inspiring to have 8 very nervous students arrive on Monday morning and leave Friday afternoon having evolved into cake decorating tutors. Have a look at what some of them had to say about the course. in the video above!

Places are limited to 8 per course and the courses will never be run more often the two per year so why not make the commitment to sign up today and increase your skill range and create an annual cash flow cycle for you and your business.


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