Alyson Reynolds (GB)

Alyson Reynolds
Expertise: Flowers
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2022
Tutorials: 2

Alyson set up her Perfect Petals business in 2002, specialising in making bridal bouquets, cake decorations and many other bespoke floral arrangements in cold porcelain and sugar. She has run workshops and demonstrations in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Brazil, India and exhibited in Toronto, Canada, New York and Washington DC. Alyson is entirely self taught, bar a two day ‘Introduction to Sugarcraft’ course where she found that she ‘couldn’t ice a cake to save my life’ (Alyson’s words) – but there was potential with the flowers!  Her style is to create floral arrangements which are as natural as possible to make a stunning first impression.

Although Alyson still enjoys creating her cold porcelain flowers with a passion, due to other commitments she has taken a step back from running her own workshops at the moment.  However, we are delighted to say she has agreed to be one of our guest tutors so she may continue to share and inspire others with her floral creations … or as she calls it “Flower Therapy”!”

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