Miriam Pearson (IE)

Miriam Pearson
Expertise: Cakes , Flowers
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2024

Miriam runs her online business Sweet Creations from co. Wicklow in Ireland.

Miriam started her cake business in 2003 making Wedding and Celebration cakes. Over the years her skills have evolved and she now specialises in selling hand crafted cake decorations online, which has been very successful especially given that its such a niche market. She now has customers all around the world who get her beautiful hand crafted decorations and toppers sent straight to their door.

This has been so successful that Miriam now solely focusses on making and selling cake decorations, and no longer makes cakes commercially.

Miriam just loves teaching and teaches how to make some amazing award winning sugar flowers. She teaches face to face in many locations and runs her online monthly flower club, which allows her to engage with students from around the world. It’s a part of the business that Miriam enjoys immensely and something that she gets a huge amount of job satisfaction from, especially with those new to flower making, as she gets to see them at the very start of a very exciting journey. Miriam also teaches at colleges and is a regular demonstrator at Cake Shows.

Perhaps best known for her amazing competition work, Miriam has a real passion for competing. Its something that she has been doing now for over 40 years, covering a range of disciplines including baking, patisserie and sugarcraft at various levels. Miriam recons that she has around 300 awards for her competition work, with each and every entry causing stress, excitement, new challenges and always with a lot of satisfaction, even those that don’t get an award.

During her 40 years of competing, Miriam has made so many friends and she just loves the buzz of competitions. She is also happy to share her stories where she didn’t get the award that she was looking for. One year she entered 24 competitions at just one show, can you imagine the stress!

Her advice to anyone entering competitions is to perceiver,  seek feedback from the judges, don’t argue, just learn and move on. In 2022 Miriam was nearly ready for quitting after her 2022 Cake International entry was disqualified. But she bounced back and in 2023 she won Best in Show at Bake International. It just goes to show Miriam’s level of perseverance and determination.

Miriam competes every year at both national and international shows. Despite all her amazing achievements she still just loves the buzz and wants to test herself and also keep learning and finding new ways to improve her skills.

Miriam’s cake decorations and sugar flowers online shop is at www.sweetcreations.ie

Join Miriam’s online flower club:  Miriam Pearson Sugar Flower Club 2024 (sweetcreations.ie)

Miriam's Awards & Certificates

Just a small selection of Miriam’s awards:

  • IKA Culinary Olympic Silver medal from 1996
  • European Bakery Cup from about 1997
  • Gold – First Place and Best In Show at Bake International 2023
  • Gold for flowers at Cake International 2023
  • Double Gold, Double Best in Class, and Best In Show from BSG Online, at Kilmarnock 2022
  • Gold Medal at Chef Ireland, around 2015
  • Gold Medal, and Best In Class at the Irish Sugarcraft Show, because I slide in unawares to anyone and just competed
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