Goda Laivyte (LT)

Goda Laivyte
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2023
Tutorials: 5
Goda was born in Molėtai,  Lithuania. In 2002 she left Lithuania for Denmark,  then 7 years later moved to London, United Kingdom.
She started her journey into cake world in 2016…accidentally!
It was like discovering a new world! She had never heard of the world of sugar art world and was shocked and pleasantly surprised by what she found!
After discovering so many amazing artists, skills, and techniques she watched, learned and dreamt to be able to become a professional part of it some day!
Goda is a self taught cake/Sugar artist who learned through my mistakes, hard work and trial and error.
When Covid hit the world,  she decided to participate in Cake International online competition where she won Highly Commended and Gold awards, which is one of her career highlights to date.
November is her favourite time of the year when she loves to attend Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham, and getting to meet fellow cake artists,  share sugar art designs and stories, chat and do it all over again next year!

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