Valentina Terzieva (DE)

Expertise: Models , Novelty
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2015
Tutorials: 5

Valentina Terzieva from Valentina’s Sugarland. After 17 years in Germany, she just moved back to Bulgaria, where she’s am originally from. Valentina discovered cake decorating five years ago and was totally amazed of the almost endless possibility to express herself in sugar.

Everything started as a hobby. Valentina was making cakes for friends and family and was having so much fun doing this. Along the way she discovered that she adored making sugar figurines. The first ones weren’t perfect, sometimes they looked really ugly, but with each figurine, shegot better and better. It was so addictive to see the development in her modeling skills. At the beginning she did not got to classes to learn how to model or make cakes, Valentina learnt almost everything by myself, learning by doing. She confesses she made a lot of mistakes, but kept doing it. Nowadays Valentina enjoys visiting classes and learning new techniques, of course when she has time and is not teaching.

Her first competition was Cake International in Birmingham 2012, only 1,5 after starting to make cakes. She won Gold with my figures and decided that she would like to teach cake design. Valentina started her business “Valentina’s Sugarland” in 2013. Since then she has taught many different classes in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria. Her passion is teaching modelling with fondant or modelling chocolate. Valentina really enjoys seeing what her students are able to learn in my classes. The moment at the end of the class when all the figurines are put together and everyone is taking pictures makes her so happy and proud. When she has free time from teaching, Valentina makes custom cake toppers.

Valentina has written many tutorials for magazines in Germany, France and Spain. Her cakes were featured in many magazines. Currently, she is writing a book about modelling for beginners and advanced for the German publisher Cake & Bake Verlag. The book will be also translated and published in English.

Valentina also judged in Germany and Austria for Cake Competitions.

2014 she met Paul and David in Berlin, where she worked in the cake shop where Paul was teaching. Paul liked my figurines so much that he invited Valentina to come to Scotland and film tutorials for Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School. Valentina can’t describe how excited she was! Such an honor! She was so happy and at the same time so nervous! It was her very first time doing a video tutorial, but Paul, David and their team were so nice and welcoming. They make her feel good about the way she was doing the video.


Valentina's Awards & Certificates

Cake Competitions:

2012 – Gold and Bronze at Cake International in Birmingham, England

2013 – 2x Silber at Torten Show in Hamburg, Germany

2014 – Gold and 1st Place in the Christmas Cake Class and Bronze at Cake International in Birmingham, England

2015 – Gold at Cake International in Birmingham

2016 – Silber at Cake & Bake Show in Dortmund, Germany

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