Victorious Cupcakes Christmas Gingerbread Person Toppers

A warm welcome to Victoria Threader from Victoriouse Cupcakes who has prepared yet another Christmas treat for you! You must all be getting very busing getting ready for christmas but surely you can find the time to make these splendid and cute Christmas Gingerbread Cupcakes to add even more merriment to your day!



Makes 12 cupcakes

Time taken 40 minutes but need overnight to dry


  • 140g of white modelling paste
  • 10g of black fondant
  • Red, Green and brown food colouring (I Used Sugarflair Christmas Red, Party Green and Chestnut Brown)
  • Rose petal dust for the cheeks
  • Tiktaks or mini smarties work well too
  • 3 Table spoons of royal icing sugar (mixed with a few drops of water)
  • 12 cupcakes
  • 1 batch of buttercream


1. To make these toppers you will need;
1 Rolling pin
58, 28mm circle cutters
Scissors and a drinking straw
2 brushes, one for sticking, one for brushing the colour onto the cheeks and one for pushing the eyes out of
the straw
Small palette knife (just makes it easier to move the toppers around
Sweets for the nose Tiktaks or mini Smarties are good
Food colouring red, green and brown
Holly and Bow mould. You can make your own bows/holly if you don’t have these. Or the supermarket has
them in little packets at this time of year.
2 Piping Bags
PME 1.5 writing nozzle (I forgot to add those in the photo)
Wilton 1m for the cupcakes




2. Colour 120g of modelling paste with the Chestnut brown food colouring. I add the colour with a tooth pick a bit at a time until I have the desired colour.




3. Roll the paste out to 3mm thick and cover completely in cling film. This will help you get a nice rounded
shape when you cut the circles.


4. Cut 12 x circles through the cling film. Pull the cling film off the paste and smooth the edges of the circles
with the tip of your finger.


5. To make the smile use the 28mm cutter, by pushing half the cutter into the paste in the centre at the bottom
of the head.


6. To add the dimples, push the end of one of your paint brushes into the ends of the smile.


7. To make it look like the gingerbread people are laughing, just pull the paste down gently at the bottom. This
should open up the mouth slightly.

8. To make the cutter for the eyes, cut the tip off a drinking straw.

9. Roll the black fondant out to 2mm thick and using the tip of the straw cut the eyes. If you find anything is
sticking the board or the cutters, just give everything a little dust with some cornflour. If the eyes aren’t
falling out of the straw, just use a soft brush to pop them out.

10. Stick the eyes to the heads with a dot of water using a water brush (you can buy these in your local

11. Stick the noses on with a dot of water using the water brush.

12. Using the rose petal dust (Sugarflair) and a soft brush, brush some colour onto the cheeks. It helps if you let
the paste dry slightly before you attempt this or it can get a little stuck and look like the gingerbread people
have just run the London Marathon.

13. Mix the royal icing sugar with a few drops of water at a time until you have a thick-ish paste. Too thick and it
won’t pipe so make sure you can stir it easily and it pours thickly off the spoon.

14. Add the icing to a piping bag with the PME 1.5 added. This is just a fine writing nozzle, so any one like this
will do.

15. Pipe stitching around the outside of the circles. Make sure you do this last or you’ll get pink dust all over
your nice white icing.

16. Colour 15g of paste green and use 10g of it to make 6 x bow ties using the bow mould. Using a dot of royal
icing, stick the bow under the chin on the boys.

17. Use the leftover green paste and red paste to mould 6 x holly. Use a dot of royal icing to stick this to the girl’s

18. Ice you cupcakes, I used a Wilton 1M to make these swirls.

19. Pop your dried Gingerbread toppers onto the buttercream.

20. Your Cupcakes are now ready to serve! Merry Christmas!



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