Wedding Cakes Hints and Tips!

If you’re busy planning your wedding cake designs for 2018, take a look at our hints and tips on this feature.

Cake Life asked a selection of the artists from “Wedding Gowns Through The Ages” to tell us their tried and tested wedding tips.

Watch out for our second instalment of this feature with more top artists hints & tips!


Name:  Tracey Louise Rothwell 

Company: Little Cherry Cake Company

Inspiration for cake design:  80s/Madonna (Album cover/music video/appearance mash-up)

Hints & Tips:  When working with wafer paper, use piping gel to stick and manipulate as water will just melt it 

Name:  Geraldine Cheng-chiu

Company:  Studio8Cakes

Inspiration for cake design: a wedding dress

Hints & Tips:  Don’t scrimp on materials for wedding cakes. If you find the correct fondant for specific jobs, it will save you time and the stress that can be involved. The bottom tier of my cake was tall, round and I knew I wanted to create pleats. This was achieved using Massa Ticino by Carma. It had the best stretch and held it’s shape really well when pleating.



Name:  Ceri Griffiths


Inspiration: a wedding gown

Hints & Tips:  Find the element that will give your cake the wow factor then make that the focus of the design, for me it was colour.


Name:  Emma Ball


Inspiration for the cake design:  Beauty and the Beast

Hints & Tips:  Lay rolled out icing over sticks of dowelling to create creases before placing on the cake for a fabric effect 


Name:  Vicki Smith


Inspiration for the design:  A wedding dress

Hints & Tips:  Speed up drying wafer paper flowers with a hairdryer…it stops all petals sticking together meaning you can quickly add the next layer. The heat also adds to help give a natural shape if you dampen the outer edge of the petal

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