10 cake hacks every decorator should know

Life hack: noun, informal. A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Cake hack: noun, informal. As above, but specifically concerning cake.

When we spotted this article on Buzzfeed, it really got us thinking about all those little things we do to make life easier for ourselves. Little tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years that we wished we’d known about all along.

This inspired us to gather some of the best cake hacks from around the internet, and pop them in a blog post for you to enjoy. And maybe even incorporate into your own routine! We’d also love if you’d share some of your own cake hacks with us in the comments section below, so don’t be shy!

Cake hacks

So, let’s start with the Buzzfeed tip. It turns out, we’ve been cutting cakes wrong our whole lives! Rather than go for the traditional wedge, if you actually cut the cake twice through the centre, you end up with two halves you can push together – thus keeping the cake fresh and encased in icing until next time you fancy a nibble!

wedge cake




And here are a few cake hacks of our own…

  • Accidentally dropped some egg shell into the mix? Use the rest of the shell to fish it out, it works like magic and is much easier than fishing it out with your fingers.


  • Can’t find an unusual colour of sugarpaste? Mix it up yourself by combining two or more colours of sugarpaste.
  • Need to supersize a tried and trusted recipe? Use our nifty cake calculators.
  • Craving some banana bread, but your bananas are looking far too healthy? Pop them in the oven and they’ll ripen in no time.
  • Forget to take your butter out the fridge? Put a warm glass over it and it’ll soften super fast.
  • Use a paper plate with your whisk to prevent splatters.


  • Unsure if your eggs are out of date? Place them in a bowl of water. If they sink, they’re still fresh, if they float to the top, they’re not!
  • Can’t find a cake tool to do the job? Take a trip to your local DIY shop – you’ll be amazed what you can find!
  • Talking of DIY… have you tried laying down a plastic painting sheet before you start baking or decorating? It makes the tidy up afterwards far less time consuming!
  • Looking for some new patterns? Use mesh or even lace, along with icing sugar or cocoa to create beautiful patterns on your cakes.

What are you favourite cake hacks? Share in the comments below…

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