Ed Sheeran birthday request for lucky baker

Ed Sheeran is eating out loud…

In the wonderful world of cake, you’ll get all sorts of strange requests.

You’ll get a wide variety of customers from different backgrounds, with different ideas and preferences on style and taste.

You’ll get standard orders you will see most weeks. Like a princess cake for a young girls birthday or a wedding cake for… well a wedding¬†?

And then there are things that you know you will unlikely ever see. Like a ¬£140,000 commision for a royal wedding or being asked to make Ed Sheeran’s birthday cake.

Well, just you hold your horses!

Ed Sheeran loves the shape of your cake!

It seems that the rather successful singer-songwriter requested a personalised cake from West Sussex baker Laure Moyle (otherwise known as The Pudding Fairy) to celebrate his 27th birthday bash this weekend & didn’t mind the talented cake decorator name dropping him when posting the finished design to social media…

The fantastic cake shows Ed Sheeran in cake form drinking from underneath the tap of a beer barrel (perhaps a glimpse into what his birthday party is going to be like).

Laure, from Ashington near Horsham, said that her chocolatey creation for the singer was delivered to where he will be celebrating his 27th birthday party this weekend.

Unfortunately, the Pudding Fairy didn’t get to meet the star on this occasion but was given high praise for her work on the design.

Which celebrity would you love to make a cake for and what would you make them? Let us know in the comments below!!!




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