Cakes for Hollywood: Meet The Celebrity Cake Maker For The Stars

The Celebrity Cake Maker

By now you should know that there are only three certainties in life. Death, taxes and everybody loves cake (and if there’s anyone who doesn’t like cake then we don’t want to meet them).

And by everyone!! We mean everyone. From tiny little babies all the way through to our top celebrities!!!

There’s Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle through to Ed Sheeran and Chris Overton. Celebrities just love their cakes!

Whilst a lot of these celebrities may use a variety of different cake artists to get their sugary fix, there is one lucky New York baker who has quite the star-studded resume of clients…

Cakes for Hollywood

German-born cake decorator Miriam Milord, has been making cakes for some of the biggest celebrity names from her now home – New York – for the last couple of years and her list of clientele is quite outstanding…

With her cakes costing everything from $75 to an incredible $7,500. Miriam has made cakes for the likes of Jay – Z, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber and Rihanna. She admits that when celebrities order cakes it’s all about creating something that will look great to their millions of Instagram followers. Speaking to the Gulf Times, the 35-year old said “We once baked a cake in the shape of a backside for a party.”

“Celebrities are always looking for the newest, craziest things that will make their Instagram explode. That’s how it all started with social media.” 

Rihanna even has a song about birthday cake, although we’re not sure it’s the same type of cake we’re referring to ?

Who is Miriam Milord?

Miriam moved to New York in 2000 to study graphic design and intended on moving back to Dusseldorf, Germany once her course had finished. However, claims that she made New York home after falling “in love” with the city.

Miriam surprisingly started her cake company somewhat by accident whilst planning a friend’s baby shower…

Unfortunately, Miriam could not afford to outsource a cake for the event at the time so decided to try and make one her self, using online tutorials as a reference point.

The cake at the baby shower was met with great applaud and she was soon sent requests from friends and acquaintances to make cakes for a whole host of different events.

It wasn’t long until Miriam’s fantastic cakes spread via social media and she got one of her first celebrity clients in the form of a Kardashian sister.

Kourtney Kardashian, sister of Kim, ordered a sky blue train for her baby shower in 2009 and was delighted with the results writing on Miriam’s website that…

“The cake was absolutely stunning, and guests were thrilled when they saw it,”

“The cake not only tasted delicious, it also took the breath away from anyone who saw it.”

– Kim Kardashian

Millard now runs an 18 strong company, BCakeNY, and attributes a huge part of her success and celebrity interest to the power of social media.

If you could make a cake for any celebrity, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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