6 sweet treats to celebrate Burns Night

Move over haggis, neeps and tatties – we want cake and we want it now! Or perhaps we should wait until 25th January and celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s most well known poet in style.

Robert Burns (or Rabbie as he’s fondly known in his homeland) is known across the world for his poetry, mainly written in the Scots language. Burns Night is a tradition that’s still going strong in many parts of the world and is an evening full of song, poetry, delicious food and a wee dram or two. We think Rabbie would approve of this list,  he once referred to Scotland as the Land o’ Cakes, after all…

Scotch Mist Pud


Scotch mist can either be defined as a ‘thick drizzly mist found in the Scottish Highlands’, a fancy drink OR something that’s hard to find. We can confirm this particular pud is none of those things. In fact, it is a delicious creation from the one and only Mary Berry and contains whipped double cream, whisky, meringue and flaked almonds. *Dribble*

Rabbie Burns Cake with Ceri Griffiths


Show off those cake decorating skills, with this wee beauty. Watch our intermediate tutorial with Ceri Griffiths to master this elegant design.

Cranachan cocktail


Obviously all this prep will have you working up quite the thirst. This cranachan cocktail should be just the ticket. Based on the traditional dessert, this cocktail is a sublime mix of whisky, strawberry liqueur, honey syrup and fresh raspberries. Make it two!

Irn Bru cupcakes


Fun fact: Scotland one of the few countries in the world where Coca Cola has a serious rival in the soft drinks stakes. In Scotland we love the orange stuff, and we reckon these Irn Bru cupcakes from London Baking look pretty bonnie too.

Scottish tablet


Perfect for nibbling with a nice after dinner coffee, tablet is similar to fudge but veeery crumbly. We simply adore this traditional recipe from Bake Then Eat.

Shortbread kilt cookies


Why have plain old shortbread, when you can have shortbread kilt cookies? Such a fun idea, from Julia Usher!

Hamish the Highland Cow Cake


And finally, every great Burns Supper needs a fabulous centrepiece. Follow Paul’s tutorial to create this lovely Highland cow… his name’s Hamish and also loves Burns’ work.

Happy Burns Night to all our Scottish readers and those further afield!xx

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