A Guide to Introducing Beer to Your Cake Business

If you want to expand your cake business and start experimenting with new ideas, you might consider experimenting with alcohol. This is especially the case if you’re passionate about craft products and brewing.

Here’s a guide that will help you introduce beer and other alcohol to your cake business in a smooth and professional way.

Brew Your Own Beer

Although it’s very easy to walk into your nearest supermarket and buy some beer for your baking projects, it’s much more fun to brew your own alcohol. If you want every part of your brand to be homemade and if you pride yourself on niche, well-crafted products, you should consider creating your own beer by setting up a brewery at home. You might also use traditional methods to brew this beer. In doing so, you’ll be in charge of your own supplies, you can ensure that you always have the amount of beer that you need, and you’ll also be able to enjoy making it.

Find Alcoholic Cake Recipes

However, to incorporate beer into your cake business, you should look around for alcoholic cake recipes that appeal to you, and that might provide a novelty for your customers. Although you might start by playing around with someone else’s recipe, after a while, you might consider trying to create your own and make a cake that no one else can match. However, if you don’t want to just sell alcoholic cakes, you might also sell beers that match certain flavors of cake, or you might consider offering beer alongside your cake if you’re planning on opening a café.

Get a License

You will also need a license if you’re going to be selling homemade alcoholic beverages or products that list alcohol as one of the ingredients, and this license will be separate from the other licenses that you’ve taken out. However, the rules and regulations might differ slightly depending on where you live. You should always check that you’ve stayed compliant before you decide to add alcohol into the operations of your company, though, or else you might find that your beer-related dreams come to a halt before they begin.

Market Your Beer

There’s no point in putting a lot of effort into creating your craft beer if no one knows that it’s on offer, though. This means that you should put a lot of your energy and resources into marketing your new scheme. You’ll need to design beautiful labels for the packaging that encapsulates everything that your brand stands for. It’s also important that you create a logo that stands for both the cake and alcoholic side of your business. If you’re struggling to do this or want to add more finesse to it, you should consider employing the skills of companies such as anthembranding.com. They’ll be able to help your company reach the heights that it’s able to and will ensure that your customers soon flock to try your new craft beer and the cakes that you’ve created from it.

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