Brand new: 4 fabulous cake calculators!

When our members ask… we deliver! Our development team, Mark and Tom have been working hard – with help of charts and data from the wonderful madeitwithlove – to bring you four super helpful cake calculators. Cake decorating life just got a whole lot easier.

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to cake decorating. Sometimes you need to upsize or downsize a design – which is where our nifty calculators come in handy.

We’ve all been there – having to guesstimate how much extra of each ingredient you need to add to make more ganache, sugarpaste or cake. Luckily, our nifty calculators take out the guesswork for you.

Get that ganache

Remember that wonderful guest post from madeitwithlove featuring the Ganache Quantities Chart? It inspired our new Ganache Calculator. This tool takes into account the shape of your design (round or square), the width and depth, the number of filled layers and whether you want milk, dark or white chocolate ganache. You’ll know exactly how much cream and chocolate you need to use – no more running out halfway through! For example, if you have a square cake that’s 10″ wide and 4″ deep with a white chocolate ganache, you know you’ll need 1091g/2.41lbs of chocolate and 364g/0.8lbs of cream, which is approximately 364ml/0.6 pint(s). Go on, give it a go…


Supersize that cake

With our Cake Recipe Re-Calculator it’s no problem at all. Simply pop in your ingredients and it’ll do the complicated bits for you – giving you a brand new recipe with the correct amount of each ingredient. This calculator takes a cue from madeitwithlove’s blog post on cake tin size. All our own recipes are preloaded, or you can use your own original recipe and the cake calculator will work out how much more of each ingredient you need. You can download a copy of your updated recipe too, so you’ll always have it on file.


Perfect portions

The Portion Calculator is particularly good for wedding cakes, when you usually need to know exactly how many mouths it’s going to feed. For example, a 10″ round cake will offer 78 modest portions of 1×1 inches.


 Sugarpaste certainty

Get the quantity of your sugarpaste spot on. With our Sugarpaste Calculator, you can input the shape, diameter, depth and desired thickness to work out exactly how much sugarpaste you’re going to need. This calculator has been created with data from madeitwithlove’s sugarpaste chart blog post.


Hope you love the new calculators as much as we do!

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