Cake Decorating Videos

Things are moving along and on schedule to have the full Cake Decorating Video Library available from 1st November.

Up until then we will be adding a number of teaser videos live on the site free to view. There will also be a number of full cake videos to show how it works. In summary every cake will have between 4-12 (approximately 10 min) videos per cake with the exception of cupcakes and models which only require one video. This allows you just to go back to watch the part you need rather than having to scan a full DVD for the bit you’re stuck on.

All videos will be hosted on our site so no need to wait on lengthy downloads either and can be accessed from anywhere with a broadband connection.

There will be a teaser for each video which everyone can view. Up until the 1st November there will loads of freeview stuff, but a lot will be being processed for the site when things really go live on the 1st November.

To access after then it will be a monthly subscription of £9.95 to view everything. By that time there will over 100 videos available, which will include all the cakes taught on Paul’s courses plus a lot more. Annual memberships will also be available with a saving from the monthly package.

In order to keep things up to date at least 2 ten minute videos will be added each week thereafter and Paul invites feedback to gage what you are most interested in.

Hope you enjoy them.

7 Day Free trial