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This week we have put together a collection of our favourite Butterfly cakes. At this time of year, it is not unusual to see an influx of pretty floral and bright coloured cakes. With this in mind, there is always room to add pretty decorative artefacts such as butterflies or dragon flies to add a feminine and innocent touch to your cake. This is particularly effective with baby cakes or pretty princess cakes. However adding butterflies to a lovely Garden Wedding Cake is just as stunning. We think there is something so magical and pretty about adding butterflies to cakes, therefore we thought we would put together a few of our favourite designs that we have come across. Have you created a sugar butterfly before?

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Baby Butterfly Cakes

How adorable are these baby butterfly cakes? Both of the cakes have combined an elegant design with beautiful butterflies , to enhance the innocent, pretty and feminine look of the cake design. Using various different sized butterflies works really well in creating a life like flutter of butterflies! After all, butterflies come in all shapes and sizes – as do us!

Hand-Painted Butterflies

At PBSS, we love nothing more than coming across beautifully hand-painted cakes. We believe that hand-painting cakes is almost an art form of it’s own. We were therefore delighted when we came across these beautiful hand-painted butterflies on these lovely cakes. We all understand how much patience and hard-work goes into hand-painting, never mind creating symmetrical and pretty butterflies! Just beautiful. We particularly love the 3D hand-painted Butterfly on the top tier of the right cake. Making some of the butterflies 3D makes them appear almost real.

Butterfly Wedding Cakes

Placing a flutter of butterflies on your wedding cake, is an effective way of giving a plain cake some detail, and not submerging it in your typical wedding cake flowers. As you can see from the images above, butterflies can be used to enhance a cakes, garden theme and bring colour to it (left). Or the butterflies can be kept to look very elegant and sophisticated, with neutral colours and little splash of glitter (centre). Otherwise, arranging the butterflies, alongside a spray of flowers, works exceptionally well too (right).

Life-like Sugar Butterflies

Similar to hand-painted butterflies on cakes, creating life-like sugar or wafer butterflies are an art form of their own. In these images above, the butterflies are so articulately created with so much detail, that it makes you question whether or not they are real or not?! Stunning!

Butterfly Cake Pops and Biscuit Sticks

We love cake pops and what is more cuter than butterfly cake pops or biscuits on a stick!? Mmmmm pass us one now! Multi-coloured, glitter, or polka dots! You decide, the options are endless! 🙂

Have you made Butterfly themed cakes before? If you haven’t, why not give them a go!?

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