Q&A – Heavy Cake Toppers, Wholesale Cakes and Cutting Cakes

As most of our members will be aware, we have a Q&A section on our website, where you can search and ask any cake related questions which  may have been troubling you. It is also a place for people who may know a thing or two about cakes, and can offer your own advice, tips and answers to any of your fellow cake decorating members…sharing is caring of course!

Within the Q&A, we have noticed some similar questions cropping up again and again, so we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of these questions by asking the experts – Paul and David!

If you have any cake related questions, feel free to pop them onto the Q&A or if you can think of any questions that you would like Paul and David to answer, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and hopefully your question will appear in one of our Q&A videos in the near future!

Question 1: How do you support a heavy cake topper?
Answer: Paul suggests either using a Dummy Cake for the Top Tier or use a dowel to support the top tier and the cake topper.

Question 2: Do we have any guidelines for selling cakes wholesale for business?
Answer: Your cake will be bought from the wholesaler 50% below your retail price.

Question 3: How do we cut the chocolate wrap cake? Chocolate wrap cake can be found here.
Answer: It is possible for the bride and groom to unwrap the chocolate from the cake (often a nice gesture) or you can remove all the decorations and cut that way instead.


We hope this has been helpful! If you have any other cake-related questions, please do search our Q&A for the answer and if you still can’t find it, post your question and one of our superhero cake experts will be happy to help!

Until next time. Enjoy! x

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