CakeFlix Pro membership review

CakeFlix Pro membership review

The CakeFlix Pro membership is designed to not only allow members to access our library of over 900+ online cake tutorials from over 60 world-renowned tutors but also to gain support and knowledge on how to turn their passion into a full-time career.

With hundreds of extra marketing and business tutorials, alongside award-winning support 365 days a year. The CakeFlix Pro membership plan has helped many people turn their dreams of becoming a professional cake decorator into a reality.

As part of the Pro plan, members are given an interactive monthly Q and A where they can ask experienced cake professionals, Paul Bradford and David Brice, anything from how to set up a website or mix buttercream to what type of hair gel they use (David doesn’t use any if you hadn’t guessed).

We often hear positive feedback regarding the Pro membership and how much it has helped members to take their cake decorating to the next level. However, it was particularly nice to see that our recent Q and A on SEO (search engine optimisation) had helped Pro member Ken Willis so much in the midst of him building his website and trying to creep up those challenging Google rankings.

Following the Q and A, the team at CakeFlix analysed Ken’s website for him, giving him feedback and tips on how to improve his SEO, UX (user experience) and drive more traffic and sales to the site.

Writing to us after his experience Ken said…

“I’m not really one for saying too much, but after the Q&A on Thursday 6 June and communication thereafter, I felt I just had to say something.
The Q&A covered SEO, something that has been a burning issue for my website of late, so I was very interested in this one. It was a very informative session that gave me loads to think about…

With this in mind, I decided to have another shot at sorting out the issues I was having with my SEO plan and try to improve my position on Google. So after a while, I realised I was still not getting anywhere fast, so I contacted CakeFlix owner David Brice who passed me onto to their digital marketing specialist Matt Shields.

I explained my issues and sent details so he could see what I was trying, badly, to say. Matt was great and wasted no time in getting back to me with solutions and advice. Suffice to say, there was a sudden light bulb moment and everything started to become clear. I have now completed my plan and feel a lot happier with my website and the knowledge I have gained.

The point behind all this rambling is simple. If you are having any issues; need a question answered, or simply want some advice on a cake recipe that’s beating you, check out the Pro tutorials first and if you cannot find the answer then contact the team. The experience of Paul; David; Matt and all the rest of the CakeFlix team will always try and help you find your answer to the best of their ability.

The small price you pay for Pro membership is tiny against the huge amount of information that is available from these guys. From me it’s a massive thank you to a very professional, yet grounded team, that is always there for you.”

With an incredible product rating of 4.9/5 overall rating from over 1500 reviews by independent reviewers Feefo. Start your FREE 7-day trial with CakeFlix today and see what we can do for you!

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