#cakesharingfriday – Well, That Took Longer Than Expected…


We recently asked you (our members and fans) to share with us the cakes you’ve created that took you much longer than expected to make as part of our #cakesharingfriday activity. As usual we had loads of great examples shared with us via facebook and twitter and we must admit they all looked amazing and were well worth the effort.

The #cakesharingfriday activity was inspired by a course Paul did (pictured above) that was estimated to take around 5 mins and ended up a 40 minute cupcake epic – you can view the Unicorn cupcake course for free here on Cakespy.com.

Here’s some of our faves!


Richard Goode – Penguin Cake

Richard writes this in regards to his huge Penguin cake – ’18hrs 2ft tall, not much sleep!!’



Zeph Storr – Waybuloo Cake

Zeph Storr managed to make this magnificent Waybuloo cake from her estimated 12 hours, right up to an actual time of 36 hours.. that’s dedication!



Kelly Siracusa – Half and Half Cake

Kelly’s fantastic Half and Half Cake – made for a 2 and 9 year old boy and girl (clever idea!) must have taken a while to create.



Bettina Evans – Pug Cake

This Pug cake took Bettina Evans much longer than expected, it was the second time Bettina had used the airbrush and she also kept “talking to him …. A lot” 



Daelene Dewar – Dragon and Castle Cake

This fantastic Dragon cake by Daelene Dewar took her over 12 hours, we don’t think that’s too bad for such a great looking cake!



Nicola Middleditch Gaish – 21st Birthday Cake

A beautiful 21st cake yet very last minute! as Nicola states she was “was in a rush to finish this one for my nieces 21st birthday party. I was still decorating it an hour before her guests were due to arrive!”

There are loads more entries here, just check the comments and keep a look out every Friday on our facebook page or twitter for more sharing opportunities.

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