Christmas Cake Baking & Decorating Tutorial Videos

Make sure your next Christmas cake is infused with festive joy, with our selection of Christmas model video tutorials.

The videos below include tutorials for making fabulous Santa Claus/Father Christmas models, as well as elf and reindeer models – from our cake masters David Brice and Paul Bradford. The skills you’ll learn in these Intermediate-level videos can be adapted for creating similar
models, showing you how to make realistic-looking bodies, faces and clothing.

These tutorials are ideal if you’ve been tasked to make a more fun, playful Christmas cake, as opposed to a more traditional type. Whether you’re developing your own cake-making business, or you simply want to create a
Christmas cake that your friends and family will never forget, the skills you’ll learn here will stand you in good stead for the future – since there is such high demand for special cakes at Christmas.

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