Vehicle Cake Tutorials – CakeFlix

Cars, motorbikes, planes, trains – whatever type of vehicle you can imagine, it has probably been requested as a cake decoration. Luckily, on this page you’ll find many the most popular vehicle decoration tutorial videos, each one taking you through the process step by step. 

Many of our vehicle-themed cakes tutorial videos have been created with the expertise of Paul Bradford, an exceptionally experienced cake decorator. Take a look at his creations below: it includes everything from the Starship Enterprise for Trekkie fans, to Volkswagen vans, chopper motorbikes and range Rovers. Paul also shows you how to make cakes in the form of battle tanks, tractors and Formula 1 race cars! 

Learning how to make vehicle-themed cake models and decorations is a powerful arrow to have in your quiver – since the skills you learn in these videos can be adapted to create almost any vehicle you – or a customer, friend or family member – can dream up! 

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