Bumblebee Beetle Car Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Bumblebee Beetle Car
with Raluca Tircomnicu
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 22
Decorating time: 5 hours
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Bite Sized

Watch Raluca make her Bumblebee beetle in just one minute!

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Watch some hand picked highlights from the full course.

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1. Cutting the cake

Raluca cuts out the right size of cake from a slab.

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2. Stacking the cake

In this lesson, Raluca stacks the cake.

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3. Carving the cake

Raluca begins to carve the shape of the car into the cake.

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4. Carving the cake part 2

Using the template, Raluca carves the shape of the roof.

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5. Carving the cake part 3

Now its time to carve the sides and wheel arches.

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6. Carving the cake part 4

Using a small knife, Raluca carves some finer details into the cake.

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7. Ganaching the cake

Raluca shows you how to apply a smooth layer of ganache to the cake.

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8. Making the wheels

In this lesson, Raluca shows you how to make the wheels with cute flowers on top.

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9. Adding the trim

Raluca adds a black trim around the bottom before covering the cake.

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10. Covering the cake

In this lesson, Raluca shows you how to cover the cake.

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11. Adding details

Now, Raluca starts to outline the features on the body of the car.

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12. Adding more detail

Raluca adds a few more outlines to the cake.

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13. Making the stripes

Time to make the car look more bumblebee-ish!

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14. Making the rear lights

Raluca makes and paints the car lights.

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15. Side mirrors and window wipers

Now it’s time to add the side mirrors and window wipers as well as a few other bits and bobs.

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16. Making the antennas

In this lesson, Raluca adds the cute antennas and licence plate.

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17. Covering the board

Raluca shows you how to cover the board around the car.

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18. Finishing touches

Raluca finally adds the wings and some other finishing touches to complete the cake!

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19. Other Ideas

Raluca shares some other ideas to use on your own designs!

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20. PRO Lesson

In this lesson, Raluca talks about pricing and selling a cake like this.

Bumblebee Beetle Cake Tutorial by Raluca Tircomnicu

Join Raluca, CakeFlix cake of the year winner, as she makes this cute little bumblebee Volkswagen beetle car! Raluca shares her backstory to the choice of design.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Carve and ganache a cake
  • Make wheels from sugarpaste
  • Cover a cake
  • Create all kinds of car features
  • and lots, lots more

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Raluca Tircomnicu

Raluca Tircomnicu

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