Cosmos Flower Cake Tutorial Videos

Learn how to create beautiful cosmos psyche roses for wedding cakes, in this series of detailed tutorial videos by Paul Bradford.

These Advanced-level videos take you through the intricate process of making numerous leaves and petals for these flowers, with essential tips on how to achieve that super-realistic ‘wow’ factor.

Paul also discusses colour selection, particularly in relation to bridal colours.
Given the extremely delicate nature of these flowers, a high level of care attention is required as you wire and add the flowers to the cake.

How to Make Wedding Cake Rose Decorations

These Cosmos psyche rose videos form part of the “6-Tier Pink Cascade Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial” – also an Advanced-level course.
The skills you acquire in these videos can be adapted for many other floral-themed cakes, and will fire your imagination when designing your own creations.

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