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A while ago we launched our very own Q and A section on the website. We did it quietly while we tested the water and it turns out, it’s a great success!

So, as a thank you, we have developed what we think is a great reward system for contributing your great questions and answers.

We currently have three main rewards based on the points you accumulate from submitting and answering questions.

These rewards range from a 3 month free trial membership for a friend to a LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP for you!

The Rewards System

And now the rewards for the points and voting system. Why even have a voting system for the question and answers?

Well, there are two main reasons;

Firstly, we feel that it’s important to keep the answers and questions relevant and beneficial to all our members. So, with a voting system you can easily and quickly see which questions are the most popular and which answers are most relevant and useful to everyone. Which means you’ll be able to pick up the best hints and tips at a glance.

Secondly, because we want to say thank you! This Q and A is built up mainly by your knowledge and your contribution to our site. So, we wanted a way to reward you for that and what better way to do that than let you decide who gets rewarded?

Each time you vote a question up or down the member who posted that question will receive a point or have a point deducted, the same goes for answers and the same goes for your own questions and answers. The more points you accumulate, the bigger the reward. Simple.

Let’s get down to the rewards. Currently, we’re offering the following three rewards based on the points you accumulate, and they are:

250points – FREE 3 month trial to the site for you or a friend.

500points – Six months FREE membership.

1000points – FREE Lifetime membership.

Now, 1000points might seem like a lot but the truth is we don’t know how long it will take to get there, so while it might take a while, we feel we’ve made that reward worth it. We might even add more prizes to the list over time, have weekends where we’re feeling particularly point generous or even decrease these reward targets but for now, good luck getting the reward you’re after and most importantly, let’s create an amazing online resource for cake decorators.

Thanks and happy caking!

The PBSS team

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