How to make a gravity defying cake – 8 simple tips!

Who needs gravity, right? Nope, not us. We love gravity defying cakes – they have bucket loads of wow factor.

However, nobody said defying gravity was going to be easily. Luckily, we’ve put together 8 important steps to help you on your journey to gravity defying cake heaven.

1. Have good foundations

You might think pre-made cake stands are the most reliable foundations for your gravity defying cake. However, in our experience they actually tend to be more wobbly and more stressful to use, than simply making your own. Have a root around your local DIY store for inspiration… who knows what ideas you might come up with! MDF wood is always a winner.

2. Set expectations

If there’s one thing that’s certain about gravity defying cakes, it’s that they take time and money. Set expectations from the start with your clients and always remember the golden rule of customer service – under promise and over deliver. Give yourself plenty of time to make it just right.

3. Make a plan

There’s nothing like a good plan to see you through. Sketch out your idea and give the practical aspects some serious thought. You can refine your design as you go, but having an image to guide you can help you see where you’re going. It’s also going to help you figure out how much cake you need and how many servings that equates to.

4. Try it out

Before you dive in and start creating your gravity defying cake for real, it’s important to check your structure will carry any weight placed on it over a long period of time. We recommend you use a few packs of fondant to weigh down the structure and leave it over night. The next day you’ll know if your structure is truly up to the challenge.

5. Find the right materials

What your armature is made of is wholly dictated by the design of your cake. From wire to wood, there are a plethora of materials to choose from. Consider what is going to work best for your style and structure.

And cake-wise, you should use a cold, dense cake. Paul’s chocolate cake recipe is perfect for the job. Whether you want to use real or a dummy cake… do whatever makes you feel happy.

6. Stay safe

Wrap any structures in cling film or florists’ tape to make sure your cake passes UK safety laws. No one wants splinters.

7. Brief the client

While your customer is sure to be blown away by the sheer mastery of your creation, they are also probably not sure where to start actually eating the damn thing. When you deliver the cake, take some time to explain which bits are edible and the best way to tackle cutting it up. Brilliant customer service, strikes again!

8. Be sensible

You can only work within the realms of physics. Remember a sturdy, heavy base will be your best friend when it comes to transporting the cake. A trick of the eye is worth a million precariously balanced designs. Use your imagination and clever composition to draw the eye upwards.

We particularly love this oreo cake from Rose Bakes



and this hamburger cake from Dkn1973 onĀ Cakes Decor


Now it’s time to get cracking! If you’re new to gravity defying cakes give the Wanderlust Suitcase Cake a whirl, or more experienced cake decorators could try the Space Jet Fighter Cake.

Do you have any tips for gravity defying cakes? We’d love to hear them in the comments below…

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