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Metallic Cake Trend

27th of January 2015

Every month I will select my favourite cakes that I have pinned on my Pinterest boards and feature them in a blog post. Do you use Pinterest? It’s a great way to collect inspiring and exciting images of all things pretty, (particularly cakes!!) Feel free to follow me, by clicking here.

This month I have put together a collection of my favourite “metallic” cakes. This is a trend that has been taking over my Facebook and Pinterest feeds and every other social media channel possible and I just can’t take my eyes of them. By adding 24 carat gold leaf or shimmering silver leaf to a cake, it lifts a cake’s status and makes it the perfect cake for weddings and special occasions.

Cake Completely Decorated in Gold Leaf


Stunning Cake by Style Me Pretty

Stunning Cake featured on Style Me Pretty Blog


I pinned this lovely cake, which was featured on the Style Me Pretty Blog. This blog is an excellent resource for brides-to-be and has everything and anything wedding related, including beautiful cakes! This simple three tier cake was completely covered in a stunning pale gold colour leaf. I prefer this soft tone of gold, particularly when it is used on every tier of the cake. Completely covering a cake in gold leaf, is really effective for creating a luxurious looking cake. This combined with the pretty pink and peach flowers, really softens the look of the cake and adds a romantic feel.

One Tier Decorated in Silver Leaf


Faye Cahill Shimmering Lace Wedding Cake

Faye Cahill Shimmering Lace Wedding Cake

I have had this cake by Faye Cahill pinned on Pinterest for a while now, but it is definitely one of my favourites. Faye is from Sydney, Australia, and she designs and creates some of the most stunning wedding cakes in the industry. She is renowned worldwide for her exquisite cake decorating skills and we were fortunate enough to have her film this very cake here, in our studio in Scotland. In the online tutorial, Faye demonstrates how to apply silver leaf, using a transfer sheet as opposed to loose leaf. This contemporary cake, really demonstrates that adding a metallic finish to a single tier can be extremely effective in creating a luxurious and elegant finish.

Cake Decorated in Flakes of Gold Leaf


Beautiful Vintage Style Cake by Karen Kearney

Beautiful, Vintage Style Cake by Karen from Roses and Bows

I came across this pretty, vintage style cake by the lovely Karen from Roses and Bows Cakery. I loved the flakes of gold foil on this single tier cake. This combined with the patterned wallpaper backdrop, pearls and large flower really creates a beautifully feminine, vintage style that has become very popular over the years. The added gold flakes make this cake very much on trend and stand out from the crowd – it’s a perfect idea for anyone wishing to give their cake that extra “X Factor”!

Cake Decorated with Silver Leaf Panels


Fantastic 3 Tier Cake by Alma Pasteles

Fantastic Three Tier Cake by Alma Pasteles

I came across this beautiful cake by Alma Pasteles on Cake Cake Decor is another great resource for gaining inspiration for your future cake designs and it allows cake decorators to submit their cake for other members to view and comment on. I love the colour combinations in this cake, particularly with the baby pink accents giving an extra pop of colour. The silver leaf paneling is really cleverly placed and almost resembles a shimmering, silver ribbon. A very lovely technique to add to a cake!

Cake Decorated with Patterned Gold Leaf


Pretty cake by IncrEdible Art

Patterned Gold Leaf Cake by IncrEdible Art

This cake by IncrEdible Art is beautifully elegant. I adore the variation of the gold leaf on the top and bottom tier and how they are separated by a plain white tier and a colourful floral arrangement. The beautiful pattern technique used on the bottom tier, is a very different and effective way of creating a stand out cake! This technique is created by using a specific hole punching tool, or a similar effect can be achieved by using Cake Lace’s easy to use pre-mixed pearlised colours and mats – it will certainly make your life a lot easier!

All of the above are just a few of my favourite metallic cakes that have featured on my Pinterest board this month. There are so many different variations of  metallic cakes that I could talk about them for hours…but that would be rather boring! If you would like to try out one of these metallic techniques for yourself, you can purchase the gold and silver leaf from many online stores including our friends over at Cake Stuff – don’t forget that all members receive a 10% discount on orders. Simply follow these links below:

Gold Leaf
Silver Leaf 

If you would like your cake pinned onto my Pinterest boards, feel free to send over your snaps via Facebook. We love to “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” at them all!!

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