Mrs Jones’ New Recipes


We had a fantastic week with Mrs Jones in the studio filming four new delicious recipes, Banana cake,  Coffee and Walnut, Carrot cake and Lemon Meringue pie.  It was a busy time as we also welcomed David Avilia to the team as the new video producer and Paul Doffman came over from the UK to help out with the new studio set up. As you may already have seen on Facebook Paul has also been busy producing a further 3 amazing designs and this week we have Marcia from Designer Art Cakes in the studio filming a beautiful handbag and shoe design.

Mrs Jones has been entered for Scottish Baker of the Year in the cakes section and having tasted her cakes on several occasions she definitely gets our vote. For those who have already tried Mrs Jones’ recipes on the site and we can vouch for those filmed last week it would be appreciated if you can take the time to offer your vote HERE (sponsored by the Daily Record). Select the cakes category and the product will be the specific cake i.e. Toffee cake. You have the chance of winning an iPad mini just by entering! Voting closes 17th March.

Having previously enjoyed Mrs Jones’ baking we knew that the diets would go out the window while we had to take part in several tasting sessions. However, there could have been more but Mrs Jones donated the Coffee and Walnut cake to the local dog rescue charity and the carrot cake came a cropper shortly after the photos had been taken. Looking back it was funny but when Paul Doffman came into the kitchen to announce that David had dropped the cake Mrs Jones asked in a rather military voice ‘you are joking me’. This repeated three times before we all had to accept that it was no joke so we then quickly made our way downstairs to survey the damage. Poor David had cut his hands as he went to break his fall but everyone’s attention was on the cake, which had landed upside down in amongst the smashed glass that used to be the cake stand. Alas, a Facebook photo opportunity missed, but Paul Bradford came to the rescue and with it being pancake Tuesday whipped up some calorie heavy pancakes to take our minds off the lost carrot cake. Thankfully enough images had been taken before the accident and a glass or two of wine later and we were all laughing about it.

We are always keen to hear your feedback and ideas for new designs which you can submit on our Contact Form.


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