Adventures in Colour with Natalie Porter Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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1. Episode 1 - An Introduction to Colour and Colour Theory

The basics of colour theory, how to mix colours and how to understand and use colour to improve your cake designs.

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2. Episode 2 - Adventures in Red and Pink

All the reds and pinks – mixing, combining and using the colours. Natalie also shows you how to make a brush of succulent, shiny, bright red berries.

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3. Episode 3 - Adventures in Orange and Yellow

This week Natalie looks at the wonderful world of oranges, yellows, and all in between, as well as making some stunning autumnal leaves! Products used in the episode can be bought from

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4. Episode 4 - Adventures in Green

This week’s journey into the world of colour focuses on green and the many shades therein! Natalie will also be making some lovely leaves and thinking a little differently about the colour of foliage for floral arrangements.

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5. Episode 5 - Adventures in Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple are in the spotlight this week as Natalie continues round the colour wheel. She’ll also be making one of her Rapid Roses, as well as using plenty of petal dust!

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6. Episode 6 - Colour in Action

In the final episode of Adventures in Colour, Natalie shows you how to put together a colour palette, selecting and mixing colours and choosing dusts. Having made some berries, leaves and a rose, she’ll show you how to apply those colours and create a simple, but charming floral spray.

All things bright and colourful… from colour theory, how to mix colours and how to use colour to make your cakes look amazing!

Natalie Porter

Natalie Porter

Natalie Porter is a multi award winning cake maker based in Hertfordshire, just north of London. She started making cakes about six years ago, when she decided to take on the challenge of making her own wedding cake... Since then she has made hundreds of wedding cakes, writes frequently for cake magazines and has invented the Rapid Rose - her signature tool and method for making sugar roses. She has recently added the Perfect Peony to the Rapid Rose range, is super excited to have filmed the tutorial with PBSS and currently working on her debut book.

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