Modelling Mischief with Kelly Mcwilliam Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Modelling Mischief with Kelly Mcwilliam
with Kelly McWilliam
HD Lessons: 6
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1. Episode 1 - Mushroom Men

Making little grumpy mushroom men for use as cake toppers.

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2. Episode 2 - Pirate Octopus

Making a pirate themed octopus.

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3. Episode 3 - Candle Head

Making candle heads as a cake topper, making miserable cheeky facial expressions 🙂

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4. Episode 4 - Zombie Mummy

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5. Episode 5 - Baby Dragon

Join Kelly McWilliam in creating this cute wee baby dragon. It’s incredibly detailed and there’s loads to learn!

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6. Episode 6 - Spellbooks

On this episode, Kelly makes detailed spell books and a little goblin!

Let the master of ghoul and modelling take you through a range of amazing techniques and designs. Multi-Gold winner at Kelly McWilliam not only has the skills, she’s a brilliant entertainer.

Kelly McWilliam

Kelly McWilliam

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