Sidney’s Sweet Adventures with Sidney Galpern Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Sidney’s Sweet Adventures with Sidney Galpern
with Sidney Galpern Cake Tutor on CakeFlix
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1. Episode 1 - Blown Isomalt Peacock

In this episode Sidney will demonstrate the unique art of blown isomalt, creating an elegant and vibrant blown peacock cake topper. She will go over everything from start to finish, preparing and pulling the isomalt, the basics of blowing and sculpting air, complex shapes and postures for the peacock body, as well as how to hand sculpt the perfect abstract facial features and cast the show stopping bejeweled tail, finishing up with painting techniques to really capture the essence of the majestic peacock.

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2. Episode 2 - Under the Sea Isomalt Basics

In this episode, Sidney will demonstrate a classic isomalt technique, pouring isomalt over ice to create brilliant coral and wave designs. She will also be going over the basics of working with and painting on isomalt, putting all the techniques together to create this elegant under the sea cake topper!

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3. Episode 3 - Isomalt Sails and Fans

In this episode Sidney demonstrates how to create one of the most popular isomalt trends- isomalt sails! Sidney will show how to make a variety of different abstract sail and fan designs, applying them all together and showing how to assemble them into a beautiful, modern cake topper, as well as attaching isomalt decorations onto your cake.

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4. Episode 4 - All About Lollipops

Lollipops are one of the most popular uses for isomalt, they’re clear, easy, and delicious! Sidney will demonstrate everything from flavoring, molding, decorating, hand pulling, packaging, and sealing to create your very own custom lollipops that will be perfect for any dessert table.

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5. Episode 5 - Isomalt Galaxy Crystal Cake

In this episode Sidney will go over how to create the ever popular geode cake, showing exactly how to create gorgeous custom geode shapes and the advantages of isomalt over rock candy. She will show how to use crystal molds to make the process fast and efficient, how to best prep and attach them onto the cake, as well as different painting techniques to bring them all to life. In addition to the isomalt techniques, Sidney will show how to use edible paints on fondant to get galactic galaxy painting effects and constellations to finish off this out of this world cake!

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6. Episode 6 - Gravity Defying Isomalt Sculpture with Realistic Isomalt Liquor Bottles

In this episode Sidney will be demonstrating how to create this fun gravity defying showpiece, complete with hyper realistic edible isomalt liquor bottles. She will cover structure, stability, safety, flavor, and a variety of different bottles and shot glasses, as well as using pulled isomalt drips to bring the whole sculpture to life!

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7. Episode 7 - Isomalt Water Techniques

This week Sidney is showing you one of the most popular uses for isomalt, water techniques! She will go over all the different ways you can use isomalt in your sugar creations to achieve hyper-realistic water effects, from pouring pools and bases, creating sparkling waves, pulling isomalt waterfalls, and crystal clear dewdrops.

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8. Episode 8 - Vintage Martini drop themed cake - Part 2

Check out the Green Tornado show Episode 7, for Part 1 of this amazing collaboration.

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9. Episode 9 - Isomalt Holiday Cookies

This episode of Sidney’s Sweet Adventures is action packed with techniques. As a part of her “Christmas in July” theme, Sidney will go over tons of different ways you can use isomalt to create stunning holiday and winter themed cookies. She will go over everything you need to know to create crystal clear window cookies, shaker cookies, isomalt stained glass, hard candy decorations, texturing, shading, stability, and even a blown isomalt bubble for rudolph’s nose!

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10. Episode 10 - Frozen Isomalt Centerpiece

Frozen themed cakes have quickly become one of the most popular among the cake industry, so in this week’s episode Sidney will teach you everything you need to know about making frozen, wintery isomalt decorations for every occasion. She will be creating beautiful ice shards and bases, an icy translucent sleigh with a beautiful pattern inside, and even a gorgeous, snow covered crystal tree that glows from within.

Sidney will be demonstrating her love of sugar art, incorporating a wide variety of techniques spanning cake decorating, chocolate work, and her specialty, cast, pulled, and blown isomalt. Whether she’s in the studio or hitting the road on teaching tours, she’s bringing you along on her sweet adventures! You’ll find my products at

Sidney Galpern Cake Tutor on CakeFlix

Sidney Galpern Cake Tutor on CakeFlix

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