Basic Flowers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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1. Basic Flowers - Introduction

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2. Basic Flowers - Making Petals

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3. Basic Flowers - Taping the Petals

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4. Basic Flowers - Creating the Centre

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5. Basic Flowers - Putting the Flower Together

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6. Basic Flowers - Dusting a Flower

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7. Basic Flowers - Adding the Flower to the Cake

Creating amazing sugar flowers is one of those things you might have thought would be too difficult…until now! Take our free course in basic sugar flowers and get the knowledge and confidence needed to start adding beautiful flowers to your cakes. Paul takes you through all the basic techniques that you can repeat time and time again!

Click here for printable tools and ingredients list

  • Flower paste
  • 24 gauge florist wire
  • Trex
  • Florist tape
  • Pearl white lustre
  • PME Glaze pearl spray
  • Posey pic


  • Peony & Orchid cutters and veiner
  • Veining rolling board
  • Ball tool
  • Foam shape setter
  • Wire cutters
  • Diamantes
  • Scissors
  • Dusting brush
  • Small rolling pin
  • Tweezers


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford´s mission is to ‘Empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ by providing a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials through their website, which currently teaches 195,000+ students.  


  1. lindy1103

    You have given me a much easier way than I am used to on rolling out the flower paste and my first look at how to make a peony rose, lovely, thank you

  2. Pauline17

    When you spray the lustre on the flower, does it not make the diamante’s dull ?

    • Paul Doffman (Staff)

      That’s a good point. I’ve never notice that happen but maybe you could clean them back of with a cotton bud to bring back any lost sparkle.


  3. Pauline17

    Love the way it looks achievable. I am going to give it a try in the New year, have done some cake making and decorating but, the way he teaches is straightford, need to brush up first on my skills.

  4. laxenf

    Only just subscribed and had two online lessons but already learn’t so much. Such a brilliant way to learn. Thank you!

  5. krysferns

    Such a brilliant way of doing the flowers,,, thank u much for sharing

  6. mariedenise123

    i am well impressed, only just subscribed also, my daughter wants me to make her a 3 tier wedding cake, and i have not much knowledge at all, was really worried, now not so much, been buying bits for making flowers etc, now watched the lovely flower being made and i can not wait to have a go ……… hurry up postie. thank you

  7. debbie-z

    What is the correct spelling for the diamonte’s flower stamens. I love them. Have never seen then, and would like to buy them. We live in Michigan, USA.

    Thank you,

  8. jackie06

    u r a great teacher..just saw the site by chance…any recipe for the flower sugarpaste as it is difficult to get it out here in india.

  9. Tina22

    Very helpful, doing my first wired flowers in a few weeks 🙂

  10. Shirazaant

    This tutorial on basic flowers is very easy. Thanks for your detailed explanations, I will definitely give a go 🙂

  11. viggim

    fantastic….you are so talented and make it look so easy. Thank you

  12. Derry3

    Beautiful. I usually use the three cutters in the set but thought the Flower was a little too bulky. I am now sure the two cutters are just as good and the Flower sits perfectly on the cake. Thanks a million Paul.

  13. [email protected]

    Very useful and detailed video, Paul.
    I dont like doing sugar flowers, i like to buy them, but from this video, im encouiraged to do some.

    thank you!!

    • Paul Doffman (Staff)

      Great! I hope your really enjoy making them!


  14. Christy

    Where can I purchase a surface/board like the green one you are working on? And what is it called?

  15. bearkat0205

    Where can I get a board like the green one you are working on?

  16. Lcb1991

    Best thing about today, apart from being Father’s Day. 🙂 you are amazing.

  17. Gabriel77

    Do I need to buy 1 months membership before I can access all the 100 free lesson

  18. humming18


    I found your website while searching for how to make fondant flowers online. You have an amazing videos and you are a wonderful instructor. Thank you for sharing your videos for free.

    I have a question, how many petals needed to make the flowers?

    Thanks again.

    • Paul Doffman (Staff)


      Glad you are enjoying the site! It looks like 5 small ones and 7 larger ones. Hope that helps 🙂


  19. madcatlady

    I would like to thank you so much, I’m a complete beginner, I have managed so far, to make a bride and kilted groom for my wedding cake ( obviously not a patch on what you do) as I want to put a personal touch to my wedding cake ( plus I’m unable to find a kilted groom cake topper in Wales! Lol ) I was finding it very hard to make flowers, but your tutorial has made it look as easy 🙂 I’m off to buy some florist wire now! Once again a big thank you x =^.^=

  20. rivera48

    I love it. Thanks for giving this classes for free. I really cannot afford to pay for them. I have to make my greatgrandson cake, is a hawaiian theme and I need to make lots of flowers; I never made one before, but with the tutorial I gonna try to make them. They won’t be perfect like yours, but I gonna practice, practice makes the perfection. Thanks again

  21. edelcita

    thank you for breaking the task into smaller tasks. this has certainly made it easier to make.

  22. Normalovescake

    I’m so fascinating and inspired, The videos are perfect and easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time doing them for us!!!

  23. fanny16

    hello! thanks for giving a chance for people to study in comfortable way!))
    can u write please, name of that thing for flowers in the lust video!

    • Andy (Staff)

      Hi fanny, thanks for your message! Is it the PME Clear Glaze spray you’re looking for? If that’s not what you’re after you may find it listed under the video in the ingredients or tools section x

  24. Márcia Maria Sobreira Soares

    Seu trabalho é sensacional , obrigada!!!!

  25. dea020714

    Queria que tivesse no meu idioma. Português (Brasil). Estou com muita vontade de aprender. Mas que pena!!! 🙁

    • Andy (Staff)

      Desculpe, mas não pode servir para Português, no momento, esperamos que você está apreciando os vídeos independentemente e esperamos ter muitos idiomas disponíveis no futuro!

      Sorry we can’t cater for Portuguese at the moment, hopefully you’re enjoying the videos regardless and we hope to have lots of languages available in the future!

  26. Myrabkhan

    Wow amazing! Thanks a lot …. My birthday is coming up and I think I’m gonna try this on my cake 🙂

  27. silvialiwan

    Hi, I live in Sydney, Australia. We don’t have Squires Kitchen Sugar Paste down here, can you suggest any other commercial sugar paste brand? Thank you

  28. 777marianela

    I viewed your tutorial on making a Basic Flower (the Fantasay Peony), and I live in the U.S.A., and I would like to know if you can provide me with the website to purchase the diamantes that you used for the center of the flower. The tutorial was wonderful and the flower stunning.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Paul Doffman (Staff)


      Thanks for you questions. No they are not edible. They are just to look pretty 🙂

      Hope you can have a go with at them!

      Let us know if you need any help at all 🙂

      Cheers xx

  29. wendyp1946

    Really like these lessons it’s been quite a while since I first started making wedding cakes and sugar flowers.
    I found the lessons easy to follow so a wonderful refresher course to start me off again, will probably go on
    to paid courses next. Thankyou

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi Wendy!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and for letting us know that you are enjoying the courses! If there is anything we can do to help at all, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]!

      Enjoy the courses:) D xx

  30. PatriciaPena

    Good Morning
    Where I can buy the baby green board which Paul is using to roll the sugar flower paste.
    Thanks you.

  31. mamamchungaji

    Helow Iam from Tanzania in a place where I cant purchase some equipments especially tools. But i I love cake making as Am doing localy wish to be advanced. I wish you all the best

  32. Angel

    Hello Can I know the recipe for sugar paste.. Is thr any? What is that green board for is it necessary to get…

  33. cintia

    quisiera traduccion en español por favorrrrrrr me encanta todo lo visto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danielle (Staff)

      estamos esperando a tener los mecanismos necesarios para traducir el sitio y tutoriales en el futuro! nos alegramos que está disfrutando el sitio!

  34. ChefDiane723

    I like your dog just watching you wanting to come in. I am an animal lover I tend to know the animals name before I remember the owners name. What do you think about making your own gum paste. I did go through a college program called Culinary Management it did cover some pastry and baking but it did mainly focus on culinary and service.
    I am a baker to the core have been since I was a child and received my first easy bake oven. I would bake different things and feed my neighbors experimenting as I went along.
    I found it difficult to listen to my instructor in school telling everyone that bake was a combination of chemistry and science and there was no room to play around. He stated it was a precise science. All in all I knew that I changed things up all the time and that is how you get new recipes and creations by experimentation as humans we would not have come this far without it.
    So now that I have gone way off topic I live in Ontario, Canada what is the best brand name to purchase in my neck of the woods. Also how in heavens name would I be able to do any thing that you mention about teaching your methods of baking and decorating here?

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi ChefDiane,

      I hope you are still enjoying the courses. Paul has lots of content to share with you all, which may come in handy for any cakes you may wish to decorate. Feel free to give them a try and if you have any questions head over to our Q&A section of our website where lots of cake decorating superheros would be willing to offer their help. We are heading over the big pond to the USA next year, and if we have a demand in Canada this may be something we would consider too. Keep an eye on the website for any updates later on in the year. Best of luck with your cake decorating.
      Kind Regards,
      Danielle xx

  35. Heather2311

    I have been making wedding cakes for my family and friends for years now thanks for all the great tips this will be my bible from now on xxx

  36. elizabeth_sneddon

    Hi…Having a great time watching the videos and looking forward to putting everything I have learned from them into practice. Where can I purchase a metal ball tool I have never seen them on any of the online sites I use as I am having to replace the plastic ones far too often
    Keep up the good work

  37. tbrathwaite

    I absolutely love this!! It look so much easier than the way I’ve been trying to learn. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  38. Yasmina

    Wow! Thank you so much Paul for the tutorials especially the handbag and the piony flower. They seem so easy to achieve I will definitely try them

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi Yasmina,

      I am glad you are enjoying the tutorials and I hope you continue to enjoy them all! The basic flowers class is one of my favourites 🙂
      Thanks D xx

  39. anibeli

    Someone knows where I can buy the veiner board ?

  40. mrsl55

    I noticed you don’t stretch your floral tape. Is is already sticky so you don’t have to stretch it?

    • Danielle

      Hi Mrsl55, we would recommend you stretch the tape a bit as you wrap. By doing so, the tape will stick to the flower stem easier and also to itself.
      I hope this helps!! x

  41. Franma

    Great videos, thank you, I’m just beginning Sugarcraft , and this is so useful.
    Recently met you at Excel , fantastic presentation and very inspiring, thank you once again

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi Franma,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch and for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed my presentation at the ExCel! I hope you enjoy the fre courses and if there is anything I can do , please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] xx

  42. Joyrob15

    Hi just subscribed this evening, very impressed and look forward to having a go. Impressed with your site too, it offers so much more than others at a more affordable price thank you.

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi Joyrob15, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. We aim to offer our customers the best cake decorating classes at affordable prices. We hope you continue to enjoy the courses and if there is anything we can do, be sure to let us know by contacting us at [email protected] xx

  43. Joyrob15

    Great site! Just subscribed this evening and very impressed with flower, can’t wait to have a go. A great affordable site thanks!

  44. EmmaandSarah

    absolutely stunning. I need extra supplies! lol. I can’t make roses properly, and it’s probably due to not allowing the petals enough drying time. thanks to you, I now know. 🙂 cheers

    • Danielle (Staff)

      Hi EmmaandSarah,
      Thanks for the great feedback. Supplies can be very addictive, once you start buying, you feel you need to add more to your collection!:) Yes drying time is crucial! Glad this has helped you!
      Kind Regards,
      Danielle x

  45. louise2224

    Hi, where can I get the diamonte stamens for the centre, in the uk? And what size are they? Thanks

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