Frangipani Sugar Flowers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Some of the highlights from this course.

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1. Wiring and setting the petals

To begin with, Arati shows us how to wire the petals, technique to curl the petals and dry them on the former.

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2. Making the spiral buds

 Arati now shows us how to make the spiral buds in various sizes; both the half-opened buds and the smaller ones.

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3. Colouring the flower and buds

 Arati shows us how to get an excellent effect while using minimal colours and using some skillful dusting techniques.

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4. Assembling the flower

In this lesson, Arati shows us how to assemble the flower in a spiral fashion to achieve a close botanical effect. She then finishes with some extra colouring which really starts to bring this flower to life.

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5. Colouring the buds

In this lesson, Arati shows us how to colour both buds to great effect.

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6. Making the leaves

In this lesson, Arati shows us how to make the leaf as well as wire it using deep groove veiners. She then finishes by shaping the former to dry the leaves.

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7. Colouring the leaves

We now look see how to colour the leaf in layers to give it more depth as well as what techniques we can use to enhance the veins with dust colours.

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8. Glazing the leaves

Arati shows us how to glaze the leaf  to avoid drip marks on the glazed leaf.

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9. Colouring after glazing

In this lesson, Arati shows us how to colour the leaf after glazing to enhance the veins as well as how to score the veins to highlight them.

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10. Assembling the flower

Lastly, Arati shows us how to assemble the flower, buds and the leaf to bring this amazing flower to life.

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11. Other ideas

Paul shares with you some other ideas for this tutorial

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12. Pro lesson

All you need to know as a Pro for making and distributing this cake design!

Frangipani Sugar Flowers cake tutorial

Learn how to make these stunning frangipani sugar flowers with renowned cake decorator Arati Mirji.

Fantastic for summer weddings and an incredibly popular sugar floral design.  In this lesson, Arati will teach you how to make incredibly realistic looking flowers that also taste great! This is certainly one cake tutorial you don’t want to miss!

Plenty of valuable techniques to learn in this one…

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Cut and wire realistic petals
  • Use the correct paste
  • Dust petals and leaves to achieve a stunning look
  • Wire the flowers and petals together to achieve a natural finish
  • and much, much more

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Frangipani sugar flowers downloadable tools and ingredients

Grams to lbs

Inches to cm or vice versa

Other US to metric and Metric to US

  • White gumpaste
  • Mid green gumpaste
  • Green  and white floral tape
  • White wires- 28, 26 gauge
  • Shortening
  • Edible glue
  • Glaze
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Dust colours- Magenta, Garnette, burgundy, aubergine, Kiwi, autumn green, woodland green, Hunters green, White, Sunflower
  • Cutting wheel
  • Small rolling pin
  • Dresden tool
  • Cutting pliers
  • Long nosed pliers
  • Sugar art studio Rose veiner
  • Petal cutter (template)
  • Bud petal cutter (template)
  • Frangipani leaf veiner –sugar delights
  • Foam pad
  • White and mid green floral tape
  • Cutting board or mat
  • Cornflour pouch
  • Pipe as former
  • Foil as former
  • Flat 3 no brush and small round brush
Arati Mirji

Arati Mirji

Arati Mirji is an acclaimed Sugar Flower artist living in Bengaluru India, pursuing her passion – Cake Art – Her forte being making life like sugar flowers. She comes from a family of artists and it is perhaps this pedigree that has helped her reach where she is today. She started this pursuit a little over four years ago. She is the Winner in the Sugar flower category At Cake Masters Magazine Awards-2018. She has also won the 1st place Gold in the Sugar flower category of “Fireworks” at Cake International 2018.  She was also chosen as one of the top ten Artist for Cake Masters Magazine India – 2017 & 2018 consecutively. Her creations have been featured in various National and International Magazines and she has won many awards in international sugar flower forums. She is forever in the pursuit of making different varieties of sugar flowers –trying to get as close to nature as possible. The biggest complement to her is when people ask her whether the pictures she puts up of her work are real flowers! Her goal is to make flowers that seem to be in bloom on her cakes and the bees and the butterflies choose them instead of the garden! You may view some of Arati’s works on her Facebook page or on Instagram: Arati.mirji


  1. David Moody

    Thank you for the tutorial, the flowers are lovely. We were asked a few weeks ago to make a Birthday cake with these flowers on, so this tutorial couldn’t have been shown at a better time. First class Tutor.

  2. qvkake

    Hi, Arati just wanting know, what brand of flowers you are using. Do you have favourite? also how long does one flower take for you to complete, at your professional level?
    Thank you

    • aratimirji

      Hi, I think you are asking me about the veiners I use? I have used Robert Hanes Frangipani Leaf veiner and a rose veiner(any will do)is from Sugar art studio – for the petals. This flower is quite quick and easy to make -I take about 15/20 minutes to make the flowers each; since I also colour it while it is still a bit leathery. 🙂

  3. Andrea Babcock

    Hi Arati, Paul & David. This is a fabulous tutorial. Thank you!
    Arati is so lovely and she makes it look so easy, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go. Can you tell me how long would you advise waiting, before dusting the petals & leaves please?
    Thank you x

    • David Brice

      Thank you Andrea. Paul would normally just dust the petals and leaves as soon as they have set.
      So long as they are dry there should be no problems.

    • aratimirji

      I’m so glad you liked the Tutorial 🙂 I usually colour the flowers when it is still a bit wet and assemble it too, so that I can manipulate the shape and arrangement of the petals while assembling them.

  4. angelocp

    The frangipani looks so real. Excellent class.
    What are the dimensions of the petal cutter you use and from where did you purchase it?

  5. CinTaMaNis

    Hi, I am hopeless at making gum paste flowers. Were the making of buds part of this tutorial?

    • Paul Bradford

      Hello Kimm, I’ve just messaged Arati to find out the brands- Magenta and garnet red- edible art
      Burgundy and aubergine- sugarflair the rest of the colours come from Sugarin.
      Many thanks, Paul

  6. a_laskovsky

    Love your work Arati, just want to know what brand glaze and isopropyl alcohol you use to dip the leaves in

    • Paul Bradford

      Hello, I messaged AratiI to find the answer- Hi Paul, I had used sugarin brand during that time.. but they can use any brand like CK, squires kitchen, PME. Hope this helps. Thanks, Paul

  7. liliana.praje

    Hi. I want to print the template for bud but show me the page not found. Where can I find that template? Thanks


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