Gravity Defying Sea Turtle Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Gravity Defying Sea Turtle
with Danielle Lechuga
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 11
Decorating time: 1 Day
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Here, we’ve carefully selected the key parts from the entire tutorial and condensed it into a 10 min long video. More than enough to get you started without taking too much time.

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1. Assembling the structure pt 1

In this lesson, Danielle shows us how to put the gravity-defying board together. You should assemble this away from your food. 

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2. Assembling the structure pt 2

Here, Danielle makes the structure ‘food safe’ and then adds pieces of wire to create a structure for the head and flippers.

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3. Adding the fins and head

In this lesson, Danielle makes the fins from sugarpaste mixed with tylose powder and then secures them to the structure with bamboo skewers. She then forms the head with homemade rice krispie treats. Yum!

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4. Carving and ganaching

In this lesson, Danielle adds the cake to the top of the structure and carves it to shape. She then adds a nice thick layer of ganache to the cake and sets it aside to set before covering it.

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5. Making the face

Danielle now brings the turtle to life by creating its face using simple techniques that very quickly turn a piece of sugarpaste into a turtle.

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6. Making the shell

Here, we see just how nicely you can blend and cover a cake using a mixture of sugarpaste with a little white modelling chocolate.

It’s always a good idea to have a picture to hand to use as a reference. As no matter how well you think you know something, you can easily forget importanr details.

Using a simple modelling tool Danielle then shapes the famous diamonds. Turning her cake into a turtle shell.

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7. Airbrushing and Painting

Using green and yellow airbrush paints Danielle begins to bring colour to the turtle and builds it up slowly. Always start slow and try not to add too much at a time.

In this lesson, we learn a great way to paint the shell with speed and accuracy using one of the cheapest tools there is. Watch to find out!

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8. Finishing touches

In this lesson, Danielle finishes painting the turtle’s head by adding extra detail to the eyes as well as adding character and age to its face. In this final lesson, Danielle creates the coral in a very clever way using tin foil and 8” cake pop sticks. She then covers them in lovely coloured sugarpaste and finishes it all by adding some sand to the scene.

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9. Other-ideas

Danielle shares some other ideas you can try out during this project. We’re sure you’ve some of your own, and we’d love to see what brilliant alterations you’ve made.

Share your pics with us on our Facebook page.

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10. Pro lesson

In this lesson, Paul shares some insider information about the cost of make this cake. She also discusses pricing, portions and other vital information for any professional cake designer.

Learn how to make a gravity-defying sea turtle cake with Danielle Lechuga

In this week’s tutorial, Danielle Lechuga from Cup n Cakes shows you how to make an adorable gravity-defying Sea Turtle Cake.

This is a stunning cake that has endless design possibilities so let your imagination flow and watch our “other ideas” lesson to find out what else you could make with the skills learned.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Make a gravity-defying structure
  • Carve cake
  • Realistic modelling
  • Edible paintwork
  • Create beautiful textures
  • Decorate the board with style
  • and much much more!

Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Danielle and rest of the Sugarcraft community on our Facebook group.

Who knows? You may even end up featured in one of our monthly members’ cake blogs.

Danielle Lechuga

Danielle Lechuga

Danielle Lechuga started cakes as a hobby in 2011. Married and mother of 3 Danielle registered her home kitchen with the State and was licensed for business in 2013. Because Cup’N Cake is a home based business orders are limited but the best way to insure that your cake is made with the extra love and attention it deserves.
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