Logger Beaver Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Logger Beaver
with Janette MacPherson
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 18
Decorating time: 6 hours
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Watch Jannette make her Logger Beaver cake in just one minute!

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Hand picked highlights from the entire course.

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1. Creating the stand

Janette starts by putting the stand together. She used a 16”x 14” oval mdf base, but you can equally use a square or rectangle. It’s a simple, sturdy, foodsafe structure ready for the cake to be added.

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2. Adding the log and body

Janette shapes, stacks and carves the log and the beaver’s body to get an outline shape. There’s a lot of cake so a lot of carving, but remember that if you take too much off you can always just ganache it back on.

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3. Adding the head and carving

Time to get the beaver’s head added. Janette doesn’t finish shaping the body until the head’s been added to ensure that she gets the overall shape and proportionally correct.

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4. Covering the log

Using simple techniques Janettet covers the log, but then starts to add some very characteristic knots and bark lines using the Cake Duchess tools.

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5. Covering the body

Time to cover the body and Janette recommends using an elastic paste such as Cake Duchess covering paste. She then texturises the body with some simple, but effective techniques then adds the beaver’s feet.

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6. Adding the facial features

Our little character comes to life by adding the distinctive beaver features most notably teeth and eyes.

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7. Adding the hat

Janette goes for a beanie style hat for our little beaver. Just using simple techniques it all comes together and really adds to the overall look.

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8. Adding the shirt

Time to add a little shirt to add yet more personality. Janette goes for red, but of course you can choose whichever colour or design you prefer or if you’re in a rush you don’t even need to add the shirt.

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9. Adding the arms and shirt detail

He’s really coming to life now as the arms are added and his shirt gets some extra detail. The shirt has still to have the airbrush checked pattern added, but you could equally paint it at this stage or just leave it red.

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10. Making the axe

Janette talks through all the steps needed to make the axe, including a great tip to ensure the centre of gravity will keep the axe balanced on the cake.


NOTE: The axe needs to be set hard so best to leave for a day or so before adding to the cake.

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11. Placing the axe and adding the tail

This is where the axe’s centre of gravity becomes very important as it’s carefully placed onto the cake. No beaver would be complete without their distinctive tail so Janette shows how to make and add the tail to finish the wee guy off.

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12. adding the branches

Janette shares a great little tip on how to make the branches using cocktail stick and florist wires. Once the shape has been created it’s just a case of covering them, leaving to set, then adding to the cake.

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13. Covering the board

With a blue marbled effect Janette covers the board in sections. The elasticity of the Cake Duchess covering paste means that it joins together easily and can be stretched around the tail.

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14. Airbrushing and finishing touches

In the final lesson, Janette add some finishing touches to the coat and fur with the airbrush.

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15. Other Ideas

Some other ideas for the Logger Beaver cake.

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16. Pro Lesson

Everything a pro needs to know about pricing and distributing a cake like this.

Logger Beaver Cake Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are joined by the fantastic Janette McPherson of Janette MacPherson CakeCraft as she shows us how to make this lovely Logger Beaver cake.

A great modelling tutorial full of fantastic tricks and techniques. In this lesson you will learn how to:

  • Creating a structure
  • Carving an awkward shape
  • Adding texture
  • Airbrushing
  • And much, much more

Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul and the rest of the CakeFlix community on our Facebook group.

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Janette MacPherson

Janette MacPherson

Janette is a self-taught cake designer based in Drumnadrochit in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. With a University Degree in Animation and a previous career as a Graphic Designer, she is now a lucky Mummy of three who unleashes her creative needs in cake form. Janette specialises in bespoke, personalised, highly detailed designs which capture memories, create a talking point and have even brought tears to eyes. Figure modelling is her speciality. She can create figures and pets from photographs and also replicate any personal items such as beloved teddies, favourite hobbies, outfits.... whatever you need!
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