Post Box Gender Reveal Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Post Box Gender Reveal
with Mayen Orido
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: 1 Day
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In this video we’ve carefully selected all they key moments from the entire tutorial and have condensed it into a ten minute video. It’s more than enough to get you started, and perfect if you want to save time.

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1. Covering the Board

In this lesson, Mayen shows us how to cover the board in a very quick and easy way, using contact paper. There are lots of ways to cover the board, but for now this acts as a quick and easy solution that’s very easy to clean and can’t be damaged. Perfect!

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2. Preparing the Stand

Here Mayen shows us how to put the stand together, which consists of a large thick dowel and screws. It’s really simple to put together and later Mayen will complete the stand, so we can move onto cake carving.

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3. Preparing the Cake

Mayen starts off by making the stand food safe, so that we are able to place the cake on safely. Mayen is using two 3” deep cakes on top of each other for height, without layering them, since it’s not going to be eaten. You could choose to use three 2” cakes or get the height in another way – just as long as it’s secure.

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4. Carving and Ganaching

In this lesson, Mayen starts carving the cake using templates to help guide where to cut. The templates are available in the templates section below. Remember and make sure the cake is quite smooth, as any lumps or bumps will be obvious once the sugarpaste is on. Mayen will also show how the ganache will help smooth it out.

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5. Ganaching and Attaching the Lid

Next up, Mayen finishes off ganaching the cake with acetate smoothers which she made from cheap plastic placemats. This is a great little tip and will save you some money, as they do the trick just perfectly. Once your ganache has set, it’s time to add the plastic front to support the lid of the cake. To make sure it joins with the cake seamlessly, Mayen applies another layer of ganache from the back to the front of the cake, covering the plastic sheet completely.

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6. Preparing the Sugarpaste and Decorations

In this lesson, Mayen shows us a great way to use vinyl sheets when handling our sugarpaste, which she’ll demonstrate a little later on. Once you’ve rolled out your sugarpaste, use the plastic sheets to keep it from going dry. Then it’s time to create the cute little bees! Mayen shows how to roll them onto yellow sugarpaste to give the impression they are part of the pattern, rather than simply stuck on.

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7. Covering the Cake

In this lesson, Mayen shows her special technique to handle the sugarpaste while covering the cake. This technique prevents the sugarpaste from losing its shape or being marked by fingerprints and so on. She also show us a brilliant way to allow you to be able to manoeuvre the sugarpaste while it’s on the cake without damaging anything… even after an hour! She then goes on to cover the lid, as well as attaching the handle.

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8. Finishing the Lid

During this lesson, Mayen shows us how to finish off the lid by covering it and adding some more decorations. Here you’ll see just how beneficial it is to use vegetable fat when attaching sugarpaste decorations.

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9. Finishing Touches

In this final lesson, Mayen shows us how to cover the dowel to create a realistic wooden pole for the post box. She then adds a couple of final little decorations to finish off the cake and gives us some ideas how to present the Post Box Gender Reveal Cake.

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10. Other Ideas

Mayen shares some further ideas you can use to make this cake unique to you.

We’re sure you have some of your own ideas by now and we’d love to see your take on the Post Box Gender Reveal Cake – please share your snaps with us on our Facebook page!

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11. Pro Lesson

Mayen gets down to the nitty gritty and goes into great detail about the costs involved in making this cake, as well as pricing, portions and much more. It’s vital information for any professional cake designer.

Mayen Orido from Way Beyond Cakes introduces us to her inspirational Post Box Gender Reveal Cake. It’s one of the most unique and fun ways for parents-to-be to announce whether their forthcoming bundle of joy is a girl or a boy! Mayen has devised a brilliantly simple and quick way to assemble a post box structure which can carry a significant amount of weight.
You could adapt this design for other types of reveal, it literally opens the door to endless possibilities. Pop a university acceptance letter inside, an extra special invite or a surprise cheque. Your imagination is the limit!
This cake incorporates many different skills and techniques, such as basic woodwork, cake carving, working with ganache, covering a cake and creating lovely decorative sugarpaste.

We would love to see your take on the Post Box Gender Reveal Cake – please share your snaps with us on our Facebook page as well as Mayen’s!

Mayen Orido

Mayen Orido

If you love cake decorating then you would have heard of the wonderful Mayen Orido from Way Beyond Cakes. Mayen started out making cakes for her little boy around 6 years ago and has since gathered a huge interest for her cakes and unique cake decorating style as evident on her highly popular facebook page. Along with selling her unique cakes, Mayen also has a successful Etsy Store selling her own hand made silicone moulds and also teaches her knowledge of cake decorating around the globe.
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