Rainbow Fairytale Castle Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Rainbow Fairytale Castle
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 15
Decorating time: 1 day
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The full tutorial edited into 3 action packed minutes!

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Watch all the key learning points in just over 13 minutes.

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1. Making the stand

Paul starts by explaining the stand, the measurements and the pieces to put the structure together.

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2. Icing the Cake

Time to now get the cake iced.

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3. Placing the cakes on the structure

Its now time to add the cakes to the structure as the design starts to come to shape.

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4. Creating and adding the turrets

Paul now creates the turrets, adds them to the towers and starts to add the roof tiles.

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5. Making the Windows

Paul now starts to give the castle and turrets some features by adding the windows.

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6. Making the castle door

Paul now adds the castle door.

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7. Making the flowers

Its now time to start add some floral decorations.

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8. Making the Rainbow

Its now time to get the colours out to make the rainbow.

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9. Icing the base

With the rainbow now in place its time to cover the base of the stand to make it part of the design.

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10. Making the trees

As we start to add the finishing touches, Paul creates some decorative trees.

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11. Finishing Touches

Paul now finishes the design with his magical finishing touches.

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12. Other Ideas

Paul shares some different ways to maximise the skills learned in this tutorial.

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13. Pro Lesson

Paul talks about pricing and how to maximise profit for our Pro members.

Rainbow Fairytale Castle cake tutorial by Paul Bradford

Who could resist this cute, colourful, gravity defying cake made by CakeFlix resident designer Paul Bradford. At first glance its the fairytale castle’s gravity defying position that catches the eye, especially as its hovering at the tip of a rainbow structure. How did he do it, well all is revealed and much more in this tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Create a welded metal structure
  • Design and create a floating castle cake
  • Add simple trees and flowers for extra colour and depth
  • Neatly ice a colourful rainbow

Fairytale castles are very popular cakes for children of all ages. Looking back at some previous castle cakes on CakeFlix there is a great selection. If you are ever looking for a tutorial on CakeFlix its always best to start with the search function at the very top of the page.

If you search for castle cakes on CakeFlix you will find Paul’s amazing Enchanted Castle tutorial, the gravity defying Christmas Fairy Castle or for beginners the Fairy Castle tutorial.  Its not just Paul, the super talented Sidney Galpern created an amazing Isomalt Castle tutorial for CakeFlix.

There are so many different skills and techniques that go into making all these various structures, but once you have learned them, they can be used for so many different designs. The only limit is down to our imagination. You can create dowelled stacked cakes or create a wooden or metal structure to achieve a gravity defying effect. Check out some more Gravity Defying designs on CakeFlix.

Once you have the structure, you can spend as little or as much time on the decorations as you like. Only time and your imagination are your barriers, but if you want to create a show-stopper design then you’ll need plenty of time, imagination and CakeFlix tutorials!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford´s mission is to ‘Empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ by providing a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials through their website, which currently teaches 195,000+ students.  
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