Cake business course - How to rank in local search

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Cake business course – How to rank in local search
with Mark Boyd
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1. How to rank in local search

Internet marketing is a key component of any marketing plan. Many will think of internet marketing as a mystical trade reserved for the technical guys and not something that you can tackle with little knowledge. However, help is at hand. Not only do you need little knowledge, you need little time and often no money to get noticed in local search results. This lesson takes you through some very basic steps and before too long you will likely be better placed than competitors who won’t have these basic insights!

NOTE: Mark refers to the citations list which you will find HERE

If you’re running a local cake shop then an important thing to focus on when marketing yourself online is how to rank in local search. Ranking locally on search engines such as Google will help you grow your business and find new clientele.

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Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd is the managing director at Transparent Digital an Edinburgh based full service digital marketing agency. Mark has experience designing and implementing digital strategies for some of the world's leading brands such as British Airways, Last Minute and Tesco. Mark is an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).
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