Red Devil Mascot Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Red Devil Mascot
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: 1 day
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Watch Paul make the Red Devil Mascot in just one minute!

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Handpicked highlights from the full tutorial.

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1. Making the stand

Paul designs a fast and easy to make stand using wooden dowels, threaded rods and lots of hot glue!

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2. Carve, stack & buttercream!

Simple enough, Paul layers the cake using the buttercream then stacks the cake over the threaded rod and finishes by simply adding a layer of buttercream.

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3. Covering the cake

In this lesson, Paul makes a little mistake by forgetting to position the arms before stacking the last layer of cake but don’t worry there’s always a plan b… After the quick fix, Paul covers the body in two panels for the front and back.

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4. Covering the board & making the legs

Paul shows you how to cover the board around the internal structure then moves on to covering the legs with red sugarpaste. 

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5. Shorts and boots

In this lesson, Paul shows you how to make the sports shorts and training shoes for your little Devil Mascot.

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6. Making the arms

In this lesson, Paul makes the arms and hands from a single piece of paste and cuts away to make little mitts.

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7. Making the head

For the head, Paul uses polystyrene which he carves into shape then adds the facial features on top.

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8. Finishing touches

Paul adds the horns then finishes by adding sheen to the eyes, nose and horns.

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9. Other ideas

Some other ideas to incorporate into your cake.

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10. Pro Lesson

Everything a pro needs to know about pricing and selling.

Red Devil Mascot Cake Tutorial

In this week’s tutorial, Paul shows you how to make this lovely little Red Devil Mascot cake!

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Make an Internal structure 
  • Carve a 3D shape 
  • Ice an awkward shape 
  • Carve a polystyrene dummy
  • And much, much more…

Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul and the rest of the CakeFlix community on our Facebook group.

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