Scottish Animal Wedding Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Scottish Animal Wedding
with Sachiko Windbiel
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 15
Decorating time: 2-3 days
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Bite Sized

Watch Sachiko make her lovely models in just one minute!

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A collection of all the best bits from the course condensed into a 10 minute video.

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1. making the structure

Specifics on the making of figure structures as well as on to how to protect the surface of the fondant.

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2. Making the eyes

In this lesson, Sachiko shows you how to shape and paint incredibly detailed eyes for your models.

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3. Dog groom's face

All the steps to creating the dogs’s face and head.

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4. Cat bride's face

All the steps to creating the cat’s face and head.

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5. Make-up

Finishing & Final Touches for both animal faces and the application of Petal Dust.

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6. Groom's legs & shoes

Sachiko shows you how to shape the dogs legs and make the detailed shoes.

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7. Wedding dress & arms

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make the wedding dress with beautiful frills, and how to make and attach the arms.

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8. Bridal shawl & accessories

In this lesson, Sachiko shows you how to make the checkered pattern for the bride’s shawl, how to make the lovely tiara and bouquet accessories.

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9. Making the kilt

Sachiko goes through the steps to making the kilt with all its accessories!

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10. Groom's coat & arms

In this lesson, Sachiko makes tuxedo jacket, then positions the groom standing next to Kitty.

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11. Finishing touches

For some finishing touches, Sachiko adds a touch of petal dust and addresses some areas that need some help… and introducing the Bride & Groom!

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12. Other Ideas

Sachiko looks at some rather intriguing other ideas you could create using the techniques and skills learned in this tutorial

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13. PRO Lesson

In the Pro lesson, we look at how much you can expect to charge for models like this.

Scottish Animal Wedding Tutorial

Join Sachiko Windbiel in this week’s tutorial featuring Kitty & Doug’s Big Wedding Day!

These pair have known each other since they were but wee young’uns scrambling around the Highlands, and now they’ve decided to just go ahead make it official with a right proper “wedding foy”!

Let’s shower this lovely couple with Rice and Good Wishes and Smiles as they leave their small village kirk.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Use fondant in creative new ways
  • Make standing fondant figures
  • Shape and add character to animal faces
  • Create garment features that can be styled
  • and much, much more

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Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel is the owner of mimicafe Union, based in New York City.  mimicafe Union provides instruction in the creation of fondant cake toppers & figures to cake decorators of all skill levels.  Her artistic skills are self developed and inspired by her childhood fascination with Manga and animation.  Her mix of skill, originality and humour has led to many teaching opportunities, far and wide, as well as many cake show awards and honours.  At her workshops, participants from all over the world can attest to Sachiko’s skill as an instructor and to her enthusiasm for her students.
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