Sugar Flower Arranging Gardenia and Blueberries Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Sugar Flower Arranging Gardenia and Blueberries
with Ashwini Sarabhai
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 22
Decorating time: 5 hours (Excluding drying time required for the petals and leaves)
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Watch Ashwini make her beautiful flowers and berries in just one minute!

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In this video, we show some highlights from the full course.

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1. Colouring gumpaste

In this lesson, Ashwini shows how to colour the gumpaste subtly.

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2. Choosing cutters

Knowing the right size of cutters is the key to making the perfect flower. Ashwini helps decide the cutter sizes.

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3. Spiral center

In this Lesson, Ashwini shows us how to make the intriguing spiral centre of the flower, in an easy way.

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4. Making wired petals

Here we see how to wire the outer layer petals.

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5. Assembling the petals

Ashwini now puts together all the petals and forms the flower.

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6. Calyx

In this lesson, Ashwini shows her quick and easy way of making the delicate calyx for the flower.

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7. Stem

Ashwini now creates the stem for this flower.

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8. Buds

Ashwini now works on the buds and also creates the stem for these.

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9. Calyx for the buds

In this lesson, Ashwini shows how to make the delicate calyx for the bud.

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10. Dusting calyx and attaching

Here Ashwini shows us how to dust the calyx and also to them to the flower.

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11. Making gardenia leaves

In this lesson, Ashwini shows us how to make the leaves with and without a template. 

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12. Dusting and glazing the leaves

In this lesson, we learn to dust the leaves to get a natural look. Ashwini shows us her way of glazing the leaves to get a subtle shine.

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13. Finishing and assembly

All the elements of the flower are now ready and put together.

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14. Making blueberry

In this Lesson, Ashwini shows us how to make the sweet and easy Blueberry.

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15. Dusting blueberries

We now see how to dust the blueberries with multiple petal dusts.

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16. Making leaves

Learn to make wired leaves for the blueberry with and without templates.

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17. Dusting leaves and glazing

Ashwini now shows her way of dusting and glazing the leaves.

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18. Finishing the blueberry bunch

Ashwini now assembles all the elements together to form a lovely bunch of sweet blueberries.

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19. Other ideas

Ashwini shares some other ideas for making and arranging these pretty Gardenia and Blueberries.

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20. PRO Lesson

Everything a Pro needs to know about pricing these flowers.

Sugar Flower Arranging Gardenia and Blueberries

Weddings and special occasion cakes get a beautiful look and grace when adorned with flowers. There are many ways in which Flowers can be arranged on cakes. This is part one of an incredible two part tutorial. Renowned Cake and Sugar Flower Artist, Ashwini Sarabhai, will show us how to make some of these flowers and arrange them on a cake.

Part 1, is composed of detailed Gardenia and Blueberries with foliage. Perfect white flowers, gardenias come in many sizes and can be used for many arrangements. Blueberries give a lovely pop of colour and are used as fillers.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to...

  • Make the intricate Gardenia flower centre and put it together,
  • Make the pretty petals, calyx, stem, Buds and how to dust them,
  • Make and colour Blueberries,
  • Make leaves for Gardenias and Blueberries, dust and glaze to give them a shine,
  • and much, much more!

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Ashwini Sarabhai

Ashwini Sarabhai

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