Teddy Bear Wrap Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Teddy Bear Wrap
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 17
Decorating time: 2.5 Days
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1. Stacking the Cakes

In this lesson you’ll learn how to stake a cake before it’s iced. It’s a nice tall cake so lots of stacking involved!
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2. Making the Cone

In order to give the cake that perfect cone shape, Paul uses a homemade cake dummy on the top of the cake. You can buy a cone cake dummy but in this lesson Paul shows you how to make one. It saves money and doesn’t take too long.
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3. Colouring the Chocolate

Next, Paul shows us how to color white modeling chocolate so that you can get a variety of bright colours, which are key for the vibrant look of this cake!
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4. Attaching the Hearts

In this lesson, Paul talks us through how to blend the colored hearts into the white modeling chocolate to create the heart pattern featured on the cake.
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5. Starting the Wrap

Paul loves to wrap! This has always been one of his favorite techniques – it’s both fun and effective and he shows us how to achieve an elegant chocolate wrap using white modelling chocolate.
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6. Finishing the Wrap

Here, Paul shows us how to finish off the wrap at the bottom of the cake. As you can see, it’s starting to look fantastic at this point. You could of course just finish the cake here and decorate your board, but adding a teddy just makes it all the more fun!
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7. Icing the Board

In this lesson, Paul takes a different approach to icing the board. In fact, he’s technically chocoleting the board! Paul uses modeling chocolate colored in the same bright fashion that he used on the cake itself to give a textured and layered effect to the board.
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8. Building the Bear

Wow, how hard is it going to be not to eat most of those crispy cakes for your self? We’d end up with a very small bear! Crispy cakes are great for certain parts of cakes such as this because they are so light and need a lot less structure to support them. This allows Paul to have the bears arms hugging the cake and the head to the side of the cake, away from the bears centre of gravity. This would all be much more difficult if you were to use cake to create the bear.
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9. Building the Bear (Continued)

In this lesson Paul continues to from the shape of the bear. Another great thing about crispy treats is they can be carved just like cake but you can mould them as well. A little push here and there can change the shape and this makes them quite forgiving to use.
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10. Making the Head

Paul now moves on to create the shape of the teddy’s head, again using crispy cakes.
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11. Making the Head (Continued)

Paul continues with the head and gets it fixed securely to the cake using a dowel.
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12. Adding the Features

Before we move on to piping, we need to add all those super cute features to the bear. The hands, feet, ears and muzzle all need to be added first.
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13. Piping the Bear

Here’s how you make your teddy bear super cute and fluffy! Paul shows you how to use a piping bag to create a cuddly fur effect.
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14. Piping the Bear (Continued)

In this lesson, Paul shows us how to finish off the bear and offers tips on any of the slightly more tricky parts of creating to cake, to make sure you have it all covered.
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15. Airbrushing the Bear

Now Paul moves on to airbrushing the teddy bear. This give the cake more depth as Paul uses a few different tones which are built up in layers. It also give the teddy a more worn and realistic look.
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16. Facial Features

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any cuter…. Putting the facial features on the bear really finished the cake off. How cute is that little tongue?
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17. Finishing Touches

Well, its been quite a long course and we hope you have really enjoyed it! Just to finish off, Paul adds some colorful balls to tidy the join between the cake and the board. He then adds some balloons to bring the entire design together.

Over Christmas, Paul was delighted to work with some amazing cake decorators who came together to create a cake calendar to raise money for the very special charity Icing Smiles. This week, we bring you the cake that was featured on the front page of the calendar, the Teddy Bear Wrap Cake. Keeping true to the spirit of Icing Smiles, Paul wanted to create a cake that would bring enjoyment to children in difficult times. This cake is packed full of color, fun and surprises and would be perfect for any you child’s birthday party.

The cake features a teddy bear constructed with rice crispy treats and a chocolate wrap – two of Paul’s favorite things in one cake! During this course, you’re going to learn Paul’s famous chocolate wrapping techniques, how to create colorful heart patterns in modeling chocolate, how to use your airbrush to add life to your teddy and much, much more!

If you have a spare moment, please take a look at the amazing work that Icing Smiles do and donate HERE to this great cause. 

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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