Train conductor Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Train conductor
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 3
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1. Creating the body

Next up are the cloud. Paul uses edible paper to make them. You can either draw the clouds with an edible pen and then cut around them or just free hand them, which tends to be quicker.

Then it’s on to making the little boy. You may want to add some tylo powder or cmc to the sugarpaste to help strengthen it.

For the full tutorial see Little train conductor cake

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2. Adding the arms and legs

In this lesson, Paul continues making the little boy conductor by adding clothing details, plus arms and legs. In the next lesson we will be making and adding the head.

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3. Finishing the Little Conductor

Here Paul finishes the little boy conductor, by adding some more stitching detail and making the head. Paul sticks to a simple head with little balls of sugarpaste for the nose, eyes and ears, and uses an edible black pen for the pupils. For the hair Paul makes little sausages of sugarpaste, which he then flattens at the ends and marks with a veining tool.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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