Wafer paper rose Flower Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Some highlights from the David Austin Rose cake tutorial.

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1. Getting the cut outs ready

Paul starts by explaining the numbers, shapes and sizes of wafer paper cut outs needed and puts together the centre of the roses. There’s also some information on how to keep your wafer paper moist.

  • 14 cut outs of the 3cm rose petal cutter
  • 7 of each of the 4cm, 4.5cm, 5.5cm rose petal
  • 30 of each of the 7.5cm rose petal cutters and 5.5cm leaf cutters
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2. Adding the petals

Paul now starts to shape and bring the petals together to begin to form the David Austin rose. It takes a few more petals than he first thought so you need to use your creative eye on this one.

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3. Conditioning the outer petals

The rose starts to come together here as you prepare the outer petals. Paul guides you through the shaping and moulding of the petals to get that perfect rose.

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4. Attaching the outer petals

Paul makes a sugarpaste cup for the rose to sit in which helps the rose keep its shape and allows you to attach the outer petals.

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5. Adding the final petals and centres

Paul repeats the process for the last layer of petals making sure the petals have a bashed look and using enough moisture for them to keep their shape.

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6. Shaping the leaves

Paul shows a couple of techniques in how to shape the leaves so it’s just down to your preference. Paul being Paul has chosen the fastest route!

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7. Colouring the rose

Paul comes up with a funky new way to colour wafer paper, but requires some of David’s cherished vodka!

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8. Colouring the leaves

Using a mix of gel and alcohol Paul adds some lovely lifelike colouring to the leaves. This is where you can add your own personal touch.

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9. Putting the rose together

Paul brings the leaves together to create stems then by adding the rose makes the most amazing of flowers.

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10. Other ideas

Paul shares with you some ideas you can use for this tutorial.

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11. Pro lesson

Paul provides you with all the information that a professional cake decorator needs to know for creating and selling a design like this.

Learn how to make a David Austin rose out of wafer paper…

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an incredible David Austin rose out of wafer paper. Perfect for wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, celebratory cakes and much more. This is a beautiful technique to add to your cake decorating arsenal.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Colour edible flowers using a spray bottle
  • Condition wafer paper
  • Wire petals
  • Use edible dust
  • and much, much more

Don’t forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul and the rest of the Sugarcraft community on our Facebook group.

Who knows? You may even end up featured in one of our monthly members’ cake showcase.







Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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  1. June

    Hello it’s June again. Paul mentions the brand of wafer paper (from Australia) in the video but I don’t see a link in the materials list. I asked this once before but I could only find one company online and wondered if there was another option. Thanks.

  2. deena34

    Really enjoyed this tutorial, the overall effect is gorgeous and loved the tips about spraying with airbrush colours and the sugarpaste backing for the surrounding petals! I, too, would really like to know the name of the Australian brand of wafer paper, which was so much more flexible than my UK one. Really want to try this flower out, just got to hope my wafer paper will comply!

    • trishjordan

      love this wafer paper that you used Paul, this is the one that I buy in:) going to try the Austin Rose

  3. deena34

    Ah, posted this before the link to the wafer paper appeared on my screen! Thank you!

  4. kiwigirl

    Loved the video.D A roses are to die for.
    Have to say hate your new minimalist studio,it just gives off a white glare. I know its the latest fashion,but bring back some colour.

  5. deena34

    Sadly, I have to agree with the above regarding the white glare. It made for a rather difficult and uncomfortable ‘Watch, unfortunately.

  6. Dozycakes

    I love your tutorials Paul. Always delightful and full of great ideas. I work with wafer paper a lot, and actually have a tutorial on YouTube demonstrating the David Austin Rose. Similar process, but I wired the outer petals. Your method is not only quicker, the overall result is better in my opinion. The trick is creating that base under the inner petals with sugar paste. I will definitely be giving this a try ? thanks!

  7. Cake-Days

    I love how this rose looks – and the lesson was easy to follow. If I wanted to get a more vibrant colour such as the images on your phone – is there a way to do that? Thanks – also found the background a little stark especially when working with such a pale flower.

    • Paul Bradford

      I suggest using coloured wafer paper then sprucing up the tone by using the airbrush colour to get the shading you are after. You can apply by brushing or as Paul does in the tutorial by spraying on with an alcohol mix.
      We take your point on there being too much white in the shot, the builders had just left the day before and we needed to film quickly to keep up our schedule of a new feature-length course every week, but we are working on ideas to soften the look.

  8. Debbie Cubbon

    Lovely bright new studio, fabulous lighting, hope you’re enjoying your new location. Love the contrast between the green board and the white petals… but maybe a coloured jacket would be better when working with white flowers/cakes etc….. a little difficult to see with so much white.


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