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asked February 19th 2018

14 inch square Victoria sponge Cake

Hi , I have to make a 14 inch square victoria cake
with 3-4 inch height
Kindly guide me.I have read your Recipe for 12x18x3
inch cake. How can I scale this recipe for 14 inch square
I have to make a birthday party cake for 30 people
Would that be enough or i need to make 2 cakes?


Thanks a lot for all your guidance time and wonderful tips
They really worked and helped. Would tag you on instagram
Made a 14 inch square cake with train theme for a Boy ‘s Birthday


Kindly let me know how much fondant would be
required to cover this cake.Thanks


Hi NadiaMaroof

It depends on how big a portion of cake you would like to serve your guests

A 14 " x 14" will serve 196 portions 1" x 1" finger portions or 98 portions 1" x 2"

The recipe 12 x18 will serve 216 x 1" x1" finger portions or 108 portions 1" x2"

Please take a peek at the on site calculators here:

Cake Calculators

The cake portions calculator does not cover rectangular sizes, however you can make a comparison by using the data from the square cake calculations to gauge portions.

Please let me know if you require further information or help.


Thanks a lot for your reply. Really happy to see
your reply.If I need any help , I ll ask you ?


Hi, just want to ask that what should be the
baking time for a 14x14x4 inch square sponge cake
What precautionary measures i need so that cakes
doesnt get burn .
As it is a square cake .. I haven't tried it before so
what else I am supposed to do.Thanks


I would recommend baking in two halves rather than one deep cake. I can't give baking times as all ovens are different and recipes vary. As you have not baked this size before , I would suggest keeping an eye and nose on the baking until done.
Precautinary measures would be to double line the baking pan, especially the corners to prevent burning and bake on lower heat. Bake on the middle shelf, place a tray on the shelf above to keep the cake from over browning too quickly. You could also try using baking belts and metal flower nails to act as heating cores. I use Ateco baking cores but the flower nails distribute the heat just as well. As a complete estimate, check cake layer after two hours depending on recipe. ( which recipe are you using?). To prevent losing too much heat, don't over open the oven door when checking the cake. Close oven door gently so as not to cause a draught in the oven chamber.


Would love to see a picture of your cake., it sounds lovely. Could you post it on Paul's facebook page or send it in to the site? and thank you for your very kind words, much appreciated, a pleasure to have been of help. x

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