Calculating how much sugarpaste you need to cover a cake

Hello Everyone! With Christmas and New Year celebrations well and truly behind us, we’re all looking forward to our Spring and Summer creations.  Many of you will already have designs in mind for forthcoming seasonal events.  Our school library is full of inspirational and contemporary designs, catering across the board for all occasions.  I’m sure everyone knows where to look but hey, take a peek anyway and enjoy the vivacity!!

David, Paul and the techno team have been working immensely hard, presenting a beautifully laid out site, full of new features for a more enjoyable user experience.  The site also offers individual tutorial purchases, giving everyone a chance to learn new techniques.  If anyone has missed the individual tutorial purchase page, please find it here:

Oh wow…   how gorgeous!!

Many of the new designs comprise of much taller, elegant cakes.  These can sometimes present a challenge when calculating how much sugar paste is required for coverage.  With this in mind, my lovely hubby Howard and I have designed a chart which we hope you’ll find useful!


This chart shows the amount of paste required to cover cakes of different sizes and heights. All the figures are based on Paul’s double barrel cake tutorial which can be found in the free/beginners section.

In the tutorial, Paul has recommended rolling out to a thickness of 5mm using Renshaw’s regal ice. For taller cakes, Paul recommends rolling out a longer sugar paste skirt to make covering easier.  The chart takes this into account.  This means you will have a fair bit of paste over once the skirt is cut off.  The excess can be stored away for another project or used for covering cake boards and drums.

As we all know, different pastes have their own rolling qualities. This may mean it is possible to roll out thinner when using an alternative brand.  The chart is aimed more for the beginner and for members who struggle with estimating amounts.  With experience, it doesn’t take long to eyeball the quantity. However, the chart is a guide. For thinner rolling please read given instructions below the chart which we hope will be of help.

Folks, please do browse the entire site.  There is so much content in the blog section, ranging from getting to know guest tutors, to helpful resources and more free tutorials!  The Q & A section is for everyone to use.  It contains lots of information, helpful hints and tips and a place to be supported by a wider community.  There is also a closed Facebook group for PBSS Pro members and a monthly live Q & A hosted by David and Paul via a video link. The Facebook group is exclusively for our Pro members, fill out this form to gain access.

Enjoy the sugar paste coverage chart. If you have any questions about it, or if you find it useful, please leave your comment in the comments section below.

Be safe

madeitwithlove x

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