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asked September 17th 2013


Is 50/50 edible? As flowerpaste( gumpaste) is not because its quite brittle , tasteless and hard.
What is 50/50 used for generaslly?


Hi Baker 06, I use a 50/50 mix usually for modelling. I find it much easier to work with for this because it has a good 'inbetween' texture, it doesn't sag, holds its shape well, and doesn't dry out so fast that you have to work at 90 mph!!! It's all edible, my kids eat it all the time (but then they eat flower paste decorations as well!). I haven't tried it myself so couldn't comment on the taste, I guess that would be down to individual personal taste. I would imagine other members may use a 50/50 mix for all sorts of different reasons, but that's mine. Oh, and if you can get away with it, it's obviously works out cheaper than flower paste alone!


You could use white modelling chocolate for all edible decorations. There are lots of tutorials online on making modelling chocolate here is one http://www.hungryhappenings.com/p/chocolate-making-tips.html or buy some online. I'm not sure whether the site shops stocks it, worth a peek.


Thanks fpts4 for your elaborate answer.
Thanks Madeitwithlove ya i made modelling chocolate and find that good medium.

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