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asked January 24th 2013

About Sponge cake

Hi, The first time I made vanilla sponge cake form Mr.Jone lesson , It is very good excat same. But I want to know the different between the egg bitten or unbetten to add in the sugar and butter mixture. what is the result if you use unbeaten egg?
I love it your decoration style but you didn’t included in the lesson I want to see the finishing how youi decoratart if posiable


Hi Elza

It is better to slightly beat the eggs before adding to the butter and sugar because you can add the eggs a little at a time instead a whole egg all at once. A whole egg adds too much liquid into the the butter/sugar so the mixture splits, the oils in the butter and the liquid in the egg don’t mix. Small amounts of egg should be added and beaten very well to make the mixture into a smooth emulsion. If you put in the search box (just above your question), ‘fruit cake mixture splitting’, there are two answers there which may also help you.

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