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asked December 15th 2012

Adding fruit to muffins/cupcakes

Hi there folks,
Any tips please on when adding fruit to muffins/cupcakes so they don’t sink and are spread evenly throughout
Many thanks
Ayshea x


Hi Ayshea

It really depends what you’re going to use. Small fruit like raspberries are best cut in half, strawberries which are slightly larger I usually quarter and then mix them into the batter evenly. If you use apples it’s better to dice them so the pieces incorporate into the mixture, bigger pieces of fruit tend to sink to the bottom. I don’t use oranges as the segments are too big, and cutting them makes too much liquid. I prefer to use clementines, just make sure they haven’t got pips. Give the fruit a little coating of flour Don’t overload the batter with fruit because of the juices which are released during baking. Hope this helps.

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