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asked January 26th 2013

Adjusting cooking times for differing tin sizes

I use the ready reaconer for scaling mixes up or down dependant on cake tin size I am using, however, I never know how long to bake for, and have had too mnay sinking disasters recently when Ive had to open the oven door for a peak. Can anyone help?



It is always tempting to look at the cakes too soon, I have done this as well with the same results.

There is a point when it is reasonably safe to look. For small cakes, 6”-8” I look after 40mins,10-12”
after an hour, this would be for a normal sponge at 160f/180. At this point just slightly press the top, without taking the cake out, and if it doesn’t spring back put it back and look again after 5-10mins.

Don’t be tempted to put a knife in it until you feel that it is cooked, as I have found that this can cause the cake to sink.
This is not a professional answer but it works for me, I am sure a few more people will give you their tips as well.

Good luck

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